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Sit back, relax and we’ve got some amazing beauty facts for you. Did you know that there is a tiny grain solution to your existing skincare woes? The name is wheat germ, taunting with all the beauty benefits that your skin probably needs.

Wheat germ refers to that tiny embryo of the wheat kernel.  This embryo then is cold-pressed in order to extract the oil and so gives birth to wheat germ oil. If you are one of those beauty enthusiasts who are very much particular in knowing what’s going inside your beauty bottles and is after naturally sourced ingredients, wheat germ oil might be the one for you. Oozing with healing properties and is suitable for all skin types. No wonder why it is most commonly incorporated in skin and hair care products. Wheat germ oil has anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and regenerative properties.  

Why wheat germ oil is said to be good for the skin?

Wheat germ oil is taunting with linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that strengthens the skin’s barrier function. It is of course of great knowledge plant oils are the most abundant source of linoleic acid.  Linoleic acid is an essential building block for ceramides, the one responsible for locking in skin moisture. Apart from that, wheat germ oil is also said to be a rich source of Vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol, the most biologically active form of Vitamin E, major anti-oxidant in the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis.  The one that keeps your skin protected from the free radical damage thereby safe to say that helpful in combating fine lines, wrinkles, or any other skin damage that may be brought by too much exposure to environmental aggressors.

5 Skin benefits of wheat-germ oil

Wheat germ oil for your acne concern

The antioxidants in this wonder ingredient help nourish the skin and protect it from any damages caused by free radicals.  It helps lock in moisture and get rid of the excess sebum that causes unwanted breakouts. The topical application of wheat germ oil prevents the formation of whiteheads and blackheads. The vitamin E content is said to prevent irritating the lipid peroxidation the stage in acne formation where sebum is oxidized. This oxidation then transforms sebum into a more appropriate environment for the formation of bacteria.


Wheat germ oil for the unwanted marks on your skin

The good news is that the Vitamin E content of wheat germ oil, alpha-tocopherol, the most biologically active form of Vitamin E acts as a radical-scavenging antioxidant. This then stimulates healthy cell regeneration that potentially helps repair damages in the collagen and elastin of your skin to reveal more flawless skin. Vitamin is an essential vitamin needed by your skin as it further helps smoothen fine lines, wrinkles, and any other skin damages caused by the harmful UV rays.

Wheat germ oil prevents skin aging

One of the topmost reasons why you probably are into skincare is that you wanted to stay young-looking. Who would ever say no to young-looking skin right? May it be skincare for men or skincare for women. Having skin that is supple and young-looking is indeed one of everyone’s #skincaregoals. The good news is, wheat germ oil can do the works for you. Its linoleic acid, phospholipids, and Vitamin E content help promote and maintain your skin’s health.  Linoleic acid is responsible for locking the skin’s moisture aids in preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, Study suggests that intakes of linoleic acid are associated with a better skin-aging appearance.

Wheat germ oil provides skin optimums hydration levels

Wheat germ oil fatty acid content provides moisture and plumpness to the skin.  Linoleic acid is a constituent of lipids called ceramides, aids in preserving the skin by providing a protective layer that prevents moisture loss and provides skin protection from any environmental aggressors.  It is vital in sustaining the skin’s hydration levels. This primarily implies that it helps the skin keep dryness, skin dehydration, and skin aging at bay. Excited to include it in your skincare routine now?


Wheat germ oil for your other skin conditions

As mentioned earlier, wheat germ oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol, the most biologically active form of Vitamin E, major anti-oxidant in the outer layer of the skin, epidermis.  Vitamin E is the most commonly sought ingredient in treating skin conditions as it protects the skin and promotes skin repair.


Having said all these, what are your thoughts about the wonders this tiny grain could possibly do to your skin? May it be skincare for men or skincare for women, the continuous exploration of the beauty experts in the possible skincare ingredients for varieties of skincare woes is always emerging.     We love to bring you fresh and innovative ways to take good care of your beauty and well-being.


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