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They say that the only way to achieve greater things is by believing in yourself.  On the course of achieving greater things in life comes frustrations. While others manage to pick themselves up to where they fell short others stumble to stand up.

Indecisions, self-doubt, and lack of confidence are all products of your inner villain. Yes! Your inner thoughts have a lot to do with you, your decisions, your performance, and how you deal with others. And it is without a doubt that they hinder you from achieving greater things. What could be inferred from this scenario is that, before you conquer the external world, you first have to master the inner world of your mind. How many of you would agree to this? Thus, it implies that your enemy lies not in the outside world – not the money, opportunity, or people that are holding you back. It is you. It is your negative thoughts and beliefs in yourself that are hindering you from being the best version of yourself.

Knowing yourself more could do so much in combatting your inner enemies. Assessing yourself, your behavior, and your emotions are just part of the process of learning more about who you are as a person. Do not get all dulled up in doing it so as it could do so much in your personal growth. As such, on the course of battling with your inner enemies and getting to know more of yourself. Listed below are some of the practices by which you can fight your inner enemies.

  1. Manage your expectations

It is natural to have an expectation especially when you set a goal and you worked so hard to attain it. However, it is advised to avoid setting too much expectation in every situation that you’ll gain the most out of it because of the endpoint? You will end up feeling unfulfilled. Set expectations only for the things that you cannot control. Expecting others to attain those for you, or act in a certain way is a big no-no! Plus, setting realistic expectations is also of big help to avoid disappoints. Do not expect to get everything as it will leave you unfulfilled, on the other note, expecting less would leave you feeling content with what you’ve gained.

  1. It is the little things that matter

While you are off to achieve something big, little did you know that you tend to overlook the smaller things around us? Do not forget to have a pleasurable life in your pursuit of achieving something big. Do not overlook the small things you do or achieve on a daily matter just because you are so focused on achieving something big. In your journey to success, little accomplishments you have done so much in boosting your confidence. A tap on your shoulder for doing a bit of the progress. Failing to appreciate yourself, what you do, and the little things around you could add up to your disappointments.

  1. Do not take things for granted

You, most often the time compare yourself to others. That is one thing for sure, your inner enemy. But have you ever taken some time to think and appreciate what is it that you have that at some point somehow others wish they have? Squeeze more out of life. Everyone sure has something they can be grateful for – may it be your good health, abilities, hobbies, or the love from people around you. Take a look at those and appreciate them.

  1. Do not burn yourself out

You must agree with it that when you want to achieve something, you, in most cases put all your energy into it to the point that it will exhaust you. A little bit of a me-time won’t hurt you. Take a look at your welfare every now and then. There is nothing wrong with working hard as long as you are allowing yourself to breathe every now and then. Do not demand too much perfection from yourself. Life is always unpredictable.

  1. Stop overanalyzing things out

An innate human nature – overthinking. Most of you would agree that you have it as your inner enemy. While it is good to rationally analyze things out – overthinking can prove detrimental as you tend to rely on your assumptions thereby having to experience struggle with your mind, instinct, brain, and heart. If by any chance you get confronted in a situation such as this, best way to combat this inner enemy. Trust in your instincts to break the problems down and avoid focusing too much on the implications. A simple list of pros and cons may suffice.

  1. Do not doubt yourself

Self-doubt is one of the most common inner enemies to many. Your self-doubt prevents you from progressing. In dealing with self-doubt knowing thyself plays a vital role. Own your life and never put too much blame on yourself when faced with unexpected circumstances. Shut down your inner enemy by working on the key aspects of your life that needs improvement and hone the areas you are already good with.

  1. Keep moving forward

Progress is progress no matter how big or small it is. Do not be distracted by the bumps and curves that you may encounter along the way. As the famous Greek Philosopher once said, “Movement was the main thing in life” You do not become mentally strong just by staying still nor ignoring your inner troubles. In life, you may face different adversities, do not allow those to pull you down. Instead, kame the knowledge you gained from it your stepping point in becoming the best version of yourself.

  1. Do not rush things out

In your pursuit of attaining a goal or achieving something in life, you tend to rush things out thus, making things prone to disappointments which may affect your focus. Understand that conquering something needs to be done in a slow yet certain phase. Fake promises may somehow distract you from reality. Rather than focusing on your destination, indulge yourself in the journey itself. Stop pressuring yourself to be better overnight. Practice appreciations of your works and progress. The road may be long but the sense of fulfillment of having patience over the process you’ve been through is indeed rewarding.

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