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Beauty and wellness have always been a thing that primarily explains why there are massive beauty and wellness-related business establishments in whichever area you may be in. In fact, studies suggest that activities pertaining to one’s practice of maintaining beauty has a positive impact on emotional and physical well-being. Thus, the look good, the feel-good statement must’ve been the truth. Good thing nature truly loves us as it blessed us with plenty of natural ingredients that are beneficial for our beauty, health, and overall well-being. 

Among those beneficial ingredients that we reap off from the love of nature is cedarwood essential oil.  At first, you may have this essential oil known for the benefits it offers for aromatherapy. If you are that person experiencing this, cedarwood essential oil may be the go-to oil for you. It has been found to have stress-relieving properties. The scent of cedarwood in your room? Or work area? May potentially improve your performance and promote focus. Transition to a stress-free work routine now has cedarwood essential oil with you in handy. 

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Surprisingly, this essential oil has a lot more to offer from wellness to your beauty concerns, this essential oil sure has a spot. 

Cedarwood essential oil is a substance derived from either of the following parts of the cedar tree: needles, leaves, barks, and berries. The extraction of oil could be done in varieties of techniques. With studies both subjected to humans and animals, it was then found out that this essential oil possesses the following properties: (1) antiseptic, (2) anti-inflammatory, (3) antifungal, and (4) pesticidal. Thus, making it a promising ingredient for your beauty, wellness, and hygiene-related products. 

Cedarwood essential oil for your acne concern 

Acne sure could take a toll on one’s self-esteem and has long been a skincare dilemma to many. The good thing is that cedarwood essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties making it your go-to ingredient for your skin concerns such as acne. In fact, this study was published in the year 2016 where cedarwood essential oil as added to the traditional acne treatment is of big help in inhibiting stubborn breakouts. It is as well of a fact that excess oil production could lead to unwanted breakouts, well then, this study conducted by the New York Aromatic studies concluded that cedarwood essential oil is of big help in controlling the skin’s oil production thus, keeping acne at bay. 


Cedarwood essential oil for certain skin conditions

Eczema is a common skin condition that causes one’s skin to experience drying, redness, and itching that may result to blister or crack. The thing is, cedarwood essential oil possesses anti-fungal properties that help treat infection and lower skin peeling. Interesting in adding up the cedarwood essential oil to your daily skincare routine, then?  Just add up some oil in your daily lotion and gently rub it into the affected area. 


Dealing with hair loss? Cedarwood essential oil got you’ve covered 

Your hair, as they say, is your crowning glory. Make sure that you have it properly taken care of. Cedarwood essential oil is believed to encourage the hair follicles while increasing circulation towards the scalp. Thus, helpful in one’s hair growth and slows down the process of hair thinning. 

Alopecia is a disease that causes one’s immune system to attack hair follicles, thereby leading to hair loss. This study concluded that people dealing with the aforementioned type of disease have experienced hair growth upon daily scalp massage of cedarwood, thyme, rosemary, and lavender essential oil alongside a carrier oil. 


Cedarwood essential oil if you have a hard time sleeping 

It was mentioned that cedarwood essential oil has long been used and incorporated in aromatherapy. This study suggested that the cedarwood essential oil has sedative qualities helpful in dealing with one’s insomnia. 

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