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Stress? Want to give yoga a try?

Some people are struggling with skin problems due to stress, anxiety, depression, or any stress-related problems that can severely affect their skin. Whether you have a skincare routine, using skincare products, there’s a beauty burglar that always follows you –stress. And the moment you start to get drawn in it, the more that it becomes visible to your skin. As such, you probably have heard plenty of advice that alongside skincare habits and routine, a healthy lifestyle should be incorporated alongside it. 

Have you tried giving yoga a try? Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. The practice of doing so can be traced to Northern India thousands of years ago. The slow movements and deep breathing increases blood flow and warm up muscles. Little did you know that apart from the physical and mental benefits that it provides, it also does offer plenty of benefits for your skin’s health.  

Now, get up and prepare your yoga mats as we enlist herewith all the ways by which practicing yoga can help you achieve glowing skin. The truth is, there is no such thing as magic in doing yoga, it won’t make any of your skin concerns vanish in an instant. Instead, daily yoga practice can make you feel better, and feeling good about yourself has a positive and direct impact on one’s skin. Still not quite convinced yet? Check on these 5 reasons why you should have your yoga mat ready with you right now: 


Yoga balances one’s hormones thereby improving the quality of sleep 

It is a fact that quality sleep contributes much to one’s skin improvement. This study that was published in the year 2011 concluded that yoga practice is of big help in decreasing one’s stress level, reduces anxiety, and is of big help in getting quality sleep thereby helping the skin cells repair and recover revealing a more supple, glowing skin. 


 Practice yoga in order to ease skin inflammation 

Another positive effect of yoga is that it helps ease inflammation, especially those that were induced because of stress. Yoga, as mentioned is of big help when you are dealing and coping with stress. It helps you feel good about yourself. This research was published in the year 2013 cited that yoga contributes much to getting rid of skin inflammation. 


Yoga increases blood circulation from head to toe 

According to Dr. Leah Jacob, MD. Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Tulane University, by raising your heart rate, you are indeed improving the blood circulation to the skin thereby allowing more oxygen and nutrients to your skin revealing more healthy and glowing skin. 


Yoga also improves one’s digestion

Experts believed that any twisting pose is detoxifying for the body. In fact, this study was published in the year 2018 showed that what happens in your hut has a direct effect on your skin. So the next time you doubt your yoga instructor for all that twists and turns, think again! 


Yoga helps increase skin’s flexibility 

Yoga sure brings wonder not just to your muscles but to your overall skin’s health. Detoxifying and reducing cortisol levels prevent acne and reduce inflammation thereby revealing fairy glowing skin.  Not only does it help skin glow, but it also is of big help if you are very particular with skin aging as yoga helps increase the skin’s flexibility thereby helping the skin get rid of wrinkles. Say hello youthful glow! 


Looking for some other ways to help reveal glowing skin? Give meditation a try as well: 5 Benefits of Meditation that could improve your skin and well-being


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