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Vanilla has its name in the beauty industry already. May it be in your favorite skincare products such as creams and lotions, to your hair care products, and down to your favorite perfumes. At some point somehow, sure that every one of you had a special relationship with vanilla oil. The aromatic scent it brings evokes many good memories to the point that is very much irresistible.

From being a staple ingredient in baking to the beauty and skincare industry, and now to aromatherapy. The Vanilla oil indeed has its way of making its name. 

The essential oil from vanilla could be extracted from the solvent vanilla beans by means of the solvent extraction method. The aroma that it gives has a warm, sweet, comforting, and complex aroma. Several studies were conducted to verify the beneficial properties that this essential oil has. To lay down, some of the properties that it possesses include antioxidant, sedative, anti-depressant, tranquilizing, and relaxing properties. Thus, may give you a glimpse as to why it is most commonly incorporated both in beauty and wellness products. 

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6 Surprising Benefits of Vanilla Oil for your beauty and well-being needs 

This wonder oil is packed with antioxidant properties 

It is not only its aromatic scent that this essential oil is known for. Vanillin  is believed to exhibit antioxidant properties. In fact, this study that was published in the year 2013 explored further the antioxidant potential that it exhibits that fights off free radicals and reverse its adverse effects making it most useful to be incorporated in skin related products such as gel, creams, or lotions. 


Packed with antibacterial properties 

The trend for earth-friendly products matters to a big group of consumers these days especially now that the adverse effect of climate change is being experienced by many. Because, essential oils that contain antibacterial benefits it can be useful and beneficial in today’s age of chemical and synthetic overuse. This study found that vanilla essential oil possesses capabilities to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and making vanilla oil your go-to option to use in skin or hair care products as its antimicrobial effects could help purify thy skin and hair.
Go nature-friendly with vanilla essential oil. 


Exhibits anti-inflammatory properties 

Along with skin, beneficial properties that had been laid down come its anti-inflammatory benefits. This study as subjected to animals explored the anti-inflammatory benefit that the wonder oil exhibits. Topical application on the skin inflamed/ plagued with inflammation would allow you to better experience the anti-inflammatory properties that this oil exhibits. 


Best for calming one’s mood 

The scent alone evokes pretty much good vibes and perhaps explains why it is most commonly used for perfumes. For your next aromatherapy session, you can never go wrong with the scent of vanilla essential oil as it has a long history of use for relaxation that evokes feelings of positivity and tranquility. 


Promotes one’s quality of sleep 

Nothing beats the feeling of being well-rested after that 8 hour of sleep and some of you may already have incorporated other essential oils as your sleeping companion. Now is perhaps a great time to consider vanilla essential oil as well. Believed to exhibit sedative properties that provide a tranquilizing effect on the brain that not only aids in one’s quality of sleep but also helps lower blood pressure. 


It helps ease anxiety and depression 

Essential oil used to uplift one’s mood is something that is not new to you. Vanilla oil has been studied for its antidepressant properties as subjected to an animal where researchers have seen promising results in relation to its antidepressant property. 

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