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The 10 Best Super Foods for Healthy Skin

The 10 Best Super Foods for Healthy Skin

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Been hopping from one skincare to another? Only to get confronted with acne breakouts and adverse skin reactions? Hmm, perhaps now is the time to think things out. Contemplate and think of all your habits. What are your eating habits? Lifestyle? And even diet? Chances are, you may be doing all the topical applications but haven’t considered looking at yourself internally.  The pandemic should be an eye-opener to you that eating healthy plays a vital role in your overall well-being.  On another note, if you are obsessed with achieving fairly glowing skin, now is the best time you start taking care of yourself from within.

Almost four months before the holiday season and all the pigging out with friends and loved ones, brace yourself and be ready to remain on top of your diet with all these best superfoods that you can always indulge yourself with without feeling so much guilt.

We wrap it all up to you into the 10 Best Super Foods for boosting your skin’s health.

Salmon – Who could ever go wrong with any dish that has salmon? It is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids which has the potential to reduce inflammation, lower your blood pressure, and decrease the risk of acquiring certain types of disease. Its Omega-3 fatty acid content is also beneficial for your skin as it plays a vital role in keeping it supple and healthy. Your body needs proteins to heal and protect the bones. Salmon is rich in quality protein.

Tomatoes – Ever imagine a salad without tomatoes? Boring! Apart from salad, this is also a versatile ingredient that can go along with whatever handy meal you are preparing, such as sandwiches or dips. Tomatoes are known to contain lutein and lycopene – two powerful antioxidants that offer skin protection. On top of that, lycopene in the fruit is also believed to exhibit a photoprotective effect which means that eating tomatoes offer some protection from UV-light-induced sunburn.


A for avocados – Avocado contains anti-inflammatory oleic acid that helps combat inflammation and prevents unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Avocado is a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which can help skin membrane health. This study  concluded that avocado oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can protect skin from ultraviolet radiation, allergens, and irritants. It also has an antioxidant effect that can promote wound healing and repair the skin barrier.


Walnuts – How about the thought of snacking walnuts while watching your favorite series on Netflix? Walnuts offer plenty of benefits both for our skin and bodies. Experts believed that walnuts are richer than most other nuts as it contains omega-3 fatty acids – known for their potential to fight skin inflammation, On top of this, a diet rich in omega-3s may help reduce acne severity. To add more cream to the crop, this wonder nut is also believed to be good for your heart, whereas, people who consumed walnuts four times per week are believed to have a 37 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease. 

So the next time you are tempted to eat chips, why not replace them with walnuts?

Cucumber – Cucumbers sure go along with many dishes such as salad, burgers, or even drinks. Cucumbers are rich in water, vitamin C, and folic acid which helps promote skin health. You can either eat it or apply it topically to your skin as you sure have seen lots of influencers in this skincare trend. Want to retain that youthful glow? Studies have shown that its vitamin C content has the ability to stimulate cell growth and folic acid, on the other note, aids in fighting environmental aggressors that affect the skin. Its antioxidant content also makes it a helpful anti-wrinkle super food and an ingredient.


Broccoli – Another addition to your salad! This green king could do so much to your health and your overall skin appearance. It is packed with skin-loving vitamins and minerals including Zinc, vitamin A, and Vitamin C.

On top of that, broccolis are also said to contain lutein – which plays a vital role in protecting the skin from oxidative damage preventing your skin from becoming dry and dull. So the next time you plan on ditching broccoli for your salad, think twice.

Green Tea – Think of any healthy drinks and green tea sure would come across your mind. EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate) major polyphenolic compound present in green tea was found to exhibit therapeutic properties such as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties both are which are believed to be beneficial for your skin. This study explored the effects of polyphenols present in green tea and its effect on sebum production and acne vulgaris.


Chia Seeds – Something that is not new to you, right? Did you know that regular consumption of this seed helps boost the luminosity and the elasticity of the skin? All because of its abundance of vital nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, folates, iron, and potassium. The best part? This wonder seed is always readily available and won’t break a penny when you purchased it.

Grapes – It is known to contain a polyphenol called, resveratrol   like any other antioxidants, this naturally occurring polyphenol found in grapes contains various protective qualities helpful in boosting the skin’s natural barriers and the first line of defense against damage caused by exposure to harmful UV rays and pollutants in the environment. Sipping a glass of wine on a Friday night? No need to feel guilty!

Carrots – A good source of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants. The beta carotene found in carrots is a skin-friendly nutrient that gets converted to vitamin A inside the body. It aids in the repair of skin tissues while also protecting the skin from any other harmful radiation. If you are dealing with dry skin, you might want to consider carrot juice as it is packed with potassium that can help hydrates skin.

You can never go wrong in investing an ample amount of time learning ways to love your skin more – healthy eating plays a vital role to it.

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