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you are what you eat 

“You are what you eat” perhaps is the truest statement you will ever hear when we talk about health and habits. Our everyday life is bombarded with information about the importance of one’s health; may it be from your favorite Youtube influencer who loves sharing with you their favorite vegetable smoothies in the morning or a simple TV or facebook advertisements, sure topics about health is something that is not new to you!

Hello there, beauty enthusiasts! Bet everyone has favorite skin care regimen in their respective skin care routine, but truth to be told, beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. Topical beauty products are of big help as they cleanse, protect, treat and hydrate the skin directly but in combination with a healthy food, you can achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Before and After Cosmetics is with you in achieving that healthy glowing skin. We’d love to be with you along the way in achieving that dream skin of yours. Let us lay down the list of wonder foods for you to eat out in achieving that fabulous skin!

1. Avocado 

There is no doubt that avocado is a green superfood. When eaten or applied topically, avocados are a wonderful moisturizer. Rich in fat soluble vitamins and monounsaturated fats. If you have dry skin, sure avocado is good for your skin – with healthy oils and vitamin E, both of which are found in avocado, thus providing building blocks for healthy skin function.

How do you love you avocado’s to be done? There are a lot of avocado recipes readily available online; whether you like it as part of your toast, or part of your dip or salad dressing. Sure it perfectly works for your diet. But I guess all of you would agree when I say that avocado smoothies sounds best! Yummmmm

2. Orange 

Your body cannot make its own vitamin C –which is known to be vital and is necessary for collagen maintenance. Rich sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits such as orange, lime and lemon. Pretty sure you’ll notice that majority of your favorite skin care ingredients contains vitamin C – this is the top tier ingredient! A super antioxidant needed to support immune system, promote radiant skin, and help blemishes heal properly. Orange and any other citrus fruits are always readily available in the market. So what are you queens waiting for? Orange juice party it is! But wait! There’s more! Did you know that the orange peel contains more vitamin C than the orange itself? Yup! No part should be thrown away ASAP! The peel contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that if use regularly could help brighten skin. How about an orange pack as your DIY rejuvenating pack? Just mix 1 tbsp of orange peel and 2 tbsp of yogurt. Apply on face and wash off after 20 minutes for that clear, fresh, and toned looking skin. What a holy grail

3. Pumpkin 

What comes to your mind when you heard of the word pumpkin? Generally, pumpkin is regarded as part of a spooky holiday – Halloween!

Well surprise! Because pumpkin is more than just an ornament that you usually use to add vibe and excitement to your spooky Halloween treats.

Well, say no more!! Because from the seeds to the flesh, pumpkins are loaded with nutrients – from antioxidants such as Vitamin A and C and minerals that are helpful for the skin. How do you want your pumpkin to be done? Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie or the ever famous pumpkin soup? No matter how you want it to be, pumpkin’s small molecular structure can penetrate deep into the skin. Nutrients that can do everything from hydrating to repairing damage from the inside out. 

4. Tomato 

Aiming for that healthy looking skin? You might want to eat more marinara sauce! No kidding! Tomatoes is filled with goodies that may give your skin an antioxidant boost to calm inflammation, reduce sun damage and fight back fine lines. Tomatoes is rich in lycopene. Lyco-what? Lycopene is a red nutrient in the carotenoids that gives tomatoes its signature hue. As tomatoes ripens, its lycopene content gets higher and higher. Wonder why it’s good for you? According to Dr. Karin Hermoni PhD. Head Science & Nutrition at Lycored, Lycopene is a great food-derived antioxidant with many skin benefits that span the entire skin wellness spectrum. In addition to that statement, it is also said that the nutrient not only quenches free radicals but also induces the body’s own protection mechanism against oxidative stress and inflammation, enhancing skin resilience and allowing skin cells to better cope with the environment.

So are you planning to have your pasta filled with marinara sauce tonight? Yay! Count us in cause we love to have that too.

5. Strawberry 

A tasty juicy fruit that you all love to indulge yourself with. Did you know that this all-time favorite conical shape fruit can do so much than satisfying your sweet tooth? Yup, strawberries are bursting with powerful antioxidant and loads of Vitamin C: Vitamin C that helps fight free radicals and bursting with dietary fibre  which helps in eliminating harmful toxins in our bodies. Happy tummy happy skin it is!

6. Beetroot 

Bet some of you are quite guilty for being not a fan of this fruit. Though it is often ignored. Did you know that this is low in fat, full of powerful antioxidants, rich in Vitamin C and helps in absorption of iron? Do you want us to say more? How about a glass of beetroot juice? This helps in giving you all the vitamins and minerals in concentrated form. The anti-inflammatory property prevents outburst of acne and pimples. A glass of beetroot a day a step closer to clearer skin it is!

7. Carrots

Many are under the impression that carrot is only good for the eye. But, say no more because apart from being good for the eye, carrot is also proven to be beneficial in cancer prevention, improving blood circulation, prevention of digestive disorder and skin nourishment. Yup skin enthusiasts! Skin nourishment. The beta carotene in carrots is skin friendly nutrients that gets converted to vitamin A inside the body. It aids repair of skin tissues while also protecting skin from any other harmful radiation. For those who is suffering from dry skin, you might want to consider carrot juice for they are packed with potassium that can help your skin hydrated. But remember to take it in moderation as they can cause your skin to temporarily turn yellowish- orange in color. Everything should be taken in moderation.

8. Potatoes 

Who would ever say no to potatoes? Potatoes gets better and better every time it undergoes evolution. From raw potato to mashed to our all-time favorite French fries! Why worry about going carb free because potatoes got you! Consider potatoes as your best option. For acne prone skin, Vitamin A found in potatoes are great source in reducing skin’s oil production and are best in treating acne. Potatoes contain an enzyme called ‘catecholase’ which helps to brighten skin and get rid of dark spots. You can even use potato juice to lessen the appearance of dark circles.

9. Kale 

The love for green is barely undeniable: from salads, to juices and now to skin care!  Presenting, Kale! Consider this as queen of beauty. Rich in Vitamins C, E and K – all that works in making your skin look younger and healthier. Vitamin C! The most commonly mentioned vitamins in this article. Because how many times do we have to say that this is the top tier vitamins in achieving that healthy glowing skin? – An antioxidant that’s great for brightening skin’s appearance. Bid farewell to dark spots! Vitamin E – an antioxidant that moisturizes and protects your skin from sun damage and Vitamin K that helps in dark spots healing.

10. Lemon 

When life gives you lemons, well then make a lemonade! Who would even say no to a cold glass of lemonade? Turns out your skin loves lemon too! Lemons have strong antibacterial properties, perfect for nixing breakout causing bacteria. As a rich source of Vitamin C and citric acids, lemons are known for its detoxifying effects, just add a few freshly cut wedges to your drinking water and tadah, you’re all good to your journey in achieving that healthy glowing skin.

We’d love to be with you in journey to achieving your healthy, radiant looking skin! We have a long list to go and a day would not be enough to discuss all the nutritious food we’d love to recommend. Bottom line, in your journey, or should I say in our journey. Because we will be with you along the way to achieving that dream skin of yours. Topical application may not be enough. No one benefits from taking care of your body except you.