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During your 30s, you may notice some changes undergoing in your skin. Your skin may start needing a little extra help. You are starting to notice dark spots, few acne scars, seeing crow’s feet appear around your eyes, or some fine lines creeping in when you look in the mirror. You might start noticing that your skin has started to feel rough and less firm as it used to be, and your skin doesn’t bounce back the way it did in your 20s even if you’ve been looking after your skin previously.

Don’t get us wrong, it is certainly okay to have a little extra texture on your face. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting some tweaks about it as well.

So, if you’re starting to think about how to have healthy, glowing skin and want to know how to prevent wrinkles in your 30s, you’ll want to equip yourself with these 7 preventative habits you should add to your skincare routine now.


1. Start Using Anti-aging Products

Of course, the time is NOW… as in to start using anti-aging products RIGHT NOW!

It’s never too early to start treating your skin properly! Seeing the effects of aging can be harsh, you might start noticing that your skin has started to feel rougher and less firm than it used to and  start seeing crow’s feet appearing around your eyes. But choosing the best products for you, your skin will keep its youthful glow for years to come. Remember, hydrated and sun damage protected skin is happy skin!

Due to this, it could be a perfect time to switch your regular moisturizer for one that has anti-aging benefits. Here, we recommend 24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Moisturizer. An anti-aging moisturizer to use in your 30s packed with active botanical ingredients, omega fatty acids, infused with 24K Gold delivers Provitamin A, corrective Vitamin, E and botanical plant extracts,and essential fatty acids which are all amazing when it comes to combating dark circles, hyper-pigmentation, dull skin, and aging.


2. Make Eye Cream A Part Of Your Life

Be aware that the skin around your eyes ages faster than the rest of your face.

Also, it is never too soon to take preventative, anti-aging measures in your skin care regime. Fine lines, wrinkles around the eye area or crow’s feet, would be a particular concern to you, so use an eye cream that helps your skin feel more firm.  Now is the time to start if you are not yet using one.

Applying a hydrating eye cream both morning and night will be a huge help in protecting the skin under your eyes which is very thin to reduce things like dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.


3. Consider A Light Cleanser

You’ll want to begin washing your face using a mild cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type – regularly, in the morning and evening. Gentle cleansers are tough enough in removing dirt and grime from the day, without stripping off the necessary oil in your face.

That’s why 24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Cleanser is a great option. It is a mild cleanser which has ingredients like Glycerin, Rosa Canina Oil, Gold particles and Green Tea extracts which will draw moisture into your skin. It is safe for all skin types which helps in removing harmful pollutants from your skin and leaves your skin feeling soothed and hydrated that is ideal for your skincare routine.


4. Say YES To Serums

Serums are the most important step in your skincare regimen because of the beneficial ingredients it has such as more antioxidants, and skin-restoring ingredients without needing other ingredients. It has SPF, emollients, or texture-enhancing ingredients that general moisturizers need.

Serums are meant to lock in the subsequent products you’ll be using, so, look for serums with active ingredients in high concentrations. How can you figure this out? The higher the active ingredient has on the ingredient list, the higher the concentrations within the product. Adding serum in your skincare routine is a preventative step that reduces sunspots, boosts collagen, and naturally restores skin’s youthful texture.

Looking for a must-have serum for your 30s?

Look no further than 24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Serum. Formulated for women of all ages who are experiencing breakouts, dry skin and  skin-aging free radicals. With rejuvenating ingredient list that includes Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Gold Particles, Coenzyme Q10, Collagen, Allantoin, Niacinamide and Lactobacillus Ferment which will make your skin plumpy-look and hydrated, while also receiving a long term smoothing and softening benefits.


5. Add Niacinamide To Treat Everything

An all star skincare ingredient whatever the skin woe or problem you have, niacinamide can fix it. The long list of benefits includes:

  • Hydrates skin: it’s effective at preventing water loss
  • Soothes skin: decreases the symptoms of rosacea and irritations
  • Lightens skin: alleviates dark spots, redness and skin sallowness
  • Helps treat wrinkles: in preliminary research, it shows that it can boost the production of skin-firming collagen
  • Treats acne: has similar effect to those of 1% clindamycin gel

It’s a must for everyone, no matter what your skin type is:

For dry skin, it helps keep it soft and hydrated. For oily skin, it helps shrink large pores and heal pimples faster. For sensitive skin, it helps soothe redness and irritations.


6. Retinoids or Retinol to Boost Collagen Production and Fight Lines

Your next challenge in your 30s?

Support the collagen cells in your quest for having a plump, youthful skin. And nothing does it better than retinoids — it controls pigment and acne, too. But watch out for short-term flaking and redness which makes this an absolute NO-NO during pregnancy and breastfeeding. To know more on which ingredients you have during pregnancy, read our article Which Ingredients You Have To Avoid During Pregnancy.

You may do better with OTC retinol which is about 1/10 the strength of a prescription retinoid but still delivers the same benefits, but just more slower if your skin is sensitive or rosacea-prone.

If you know you’ll be starting and stopping treatment throughout your 30s, consider peptides as an always-safe, non-irritating alternative which stimulates an immune response to rebuild and improve collagen over time.

Every anti-aging skincare routine needs facial oil which is the true gold standard of skin care. Mostly, they contain potent ingredients and optimum moisturizing properties which can also help mend acne scars and breakouts which practically transforms your skin as you smooth it on your face. 24K Pure Gold DeLuxe Facial Oil formulated to help reduce wrinkles, lessen deeply set lines, smooth skin and prevent the requisite dryness.


7. Take Care Of Your Body

Don’t limit your skincare routine only to your face. The skin on the rest of your body needs full attention too. As you use your moisturizer, facial oil  or serum, you may apply the same to your neck.

Hydrate your hands as well. The skin on the back of the palms is thinner which can age faster. Exfoliating the skin on your body once a week can help remove dead skin cells which makes your skin dry. While the skin is damp, use a moisturizing body lotion every day as this ensures maximum absorption.


The 30’s truly are the time of handling preventative habits into your own. Discovering your own path through life, and even helping others especially the people around you to find theirs.

Don’t let the time, stress and responsibilities keep you from taking care of yourself.  Make the most of what you’ve got, so you can look great now and continue to do so as time passes.

Start your proper skincare routine now, it will pay off later. Trust us, you will be glad you did.

With a serious commitment to a routine, you can ensure that your radiant, healthy complexion will last a lifetime.


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