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Love month has just been concluded and sure that the memory you’ve spent with your loved ones remains vivid. The roses that were given to you sure made you feel all the butterflies in your stomach. It’s overwhelming when our loved ones give us our favorite flowers to express their feelings, whether it be their love or gratitude, it is undeniably without a doubt that receiving flowers makes us happy. As we embark on another meaningful month – Women’s month it is! We’ve got you all covered up for the pampering that you deserve. May it be for your skin or well-being, B&A sure has a way of rescuing you. 

There are plenty of ingredients that are good both for your beauty and well-being. One of them is Rose Essential Oil. To well-known women, such as Cleopatra, she won’t let a day pass by without having to bathe in milk and rose petals which would further imply that roses have long been known for their benefits in beauty. This delicate and fragrant flower, in the form of essential oil, is said to be incredibly versatile, gentle yet effective, and possesses plenty of skin-loving and well-being benefits. Known benefits include skin healing properties, moisturizing, fighting inflammation, and relieving stress.

Get to know more about what’s in it with rose oil and why it should take a spot in your beauty and wellness routine. 


Rose essential oil carries antibacterial properties
This study published in the year 2014  concluded that the essential oil distilled from rose petals exhibits effectiveness in dealing with a wide range of microbes that in turn could cause infections. 


Rose essential oil offers skin hydration
The benefits of incorporating rose essential oil into your beauty routine include helping your skin to stay hydrated and reinforcing its barrier function.  In fact, this study published in the year 2011 using animals as a subject showed the efficacy the wonder oil in relation to providing skin hydration.  The addition the said oil to your usual beauty regimen sure would sound like a great idea without having to worry about chemical side effects. 


Rose essential oil carries anti-inflammatory properties
The wonder oil contains a potent dose of anti-inflammatory benefits thereby making it known for a long history of use as an astringent and anti-inflammatory oil. It is most commonly used for skin conditions with irritation and redness. It is most commonly effective as well when you are treating eczema, sun damage, scars, or even stretch marks. 


Rose essential oil and its anti-aging benefits
Younger-looking skin? This wonder essential oil got you pretty much covered for it. Rose essential oil, as published in this study  is believed to be a potent antioxidant. It scavenges free radicals that contribute much to skin damage which in turn could lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Rose essential oil enhances one’s mood
The topical application brings so much good to your skin health. On the other note, using rose essential oil in your aromatherapy session is believed to enhance your mood.  Experts believed that rose oil helps calm and soothes the mind and stimulates the brain to release endorphins or most commonly called as “feel-good” hormone. This effect was explored in this study published in the year 2015 as subjected postoperative patients as the main subject. 


Rose essential oil decreases one’s level of anxiety
Rose oil offers a relaxing effect. This study showed promising results in relation to this claim. Whereas, applying rose oil to the skin of the participants dealing with symptoms of anxiety in effect showed lowered blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rates, cortisol levels, and even blood oxygen levels. These targets the most common symptoms of anxiety. 

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