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How well do you know yourself? What is your purpose? What is it that you value most? Those were just some of the questions that you will encounter as you go along knowing yourself and your purpose in life. Life is filled with varieties of challenges and they somehow affect how you perceived yourself. No matter who you are and what you are, sure that one of the plenty reasons why you keep going every single day is to live a meaningful life.

Your spiritual well-being is perhaps one of the most personal pieces of the puzzle when the mattes about wellness are put on the line. It primarily refers to having a set of values, principles, and beliefs that provides you a sense of purpose and meaning in life. Your principles serve as your guide towards attaining your purpose in life. In attaining your spiritual goal, expect that you will be exposed to varieties of challenges that will either break you or make you. Always choose the latter! Responding to those challenges plays a vital role in achieving your goal –and this is where your emotional well-being comes into the picture as it can impact your life, relationships, and your overall health.  Being emotionally healthy would make it easier for you to attend to your purpose in life.

As life presents events that challenge you, knowing how to respond to those by producing positive emotions, thought, and be able to adapt to changes would imply that you have a good state of emotional well-being.  However, there’s this saying that things are better said than done. While others find it easy, some struggle to have answers to their questions in life and reacting to the adverse challenges life throws unto them.

Do not get all worked up, you have the lifetime to do it. No one is limiting you to achieve your purpose in life. Your Spiritual and Emotional well-being is as important as your physical health. Your emotions could sometimes take a toll on you but make it your tool to bounce back from those uncertainties in life.

Each area of your well-being has the potential to impact other areas. Take a look at the following practices that you may do or incorporate in your day-to-day living as you go along pursuing your purpose in life while remaining positive all throughout.

Take some time to meditate

Aside from getting a healthier body and a clearer mind, meditation can also improve your focus on life, such as making a positive decision to make your life better and increasing self-awareness. Regular meditation can increase your patience, tolerance, and handling stress towards stressful situations. There’s a meditation that focused on promoting a positive loving-kindness and increase a positive feeling and action towards yourself and others, which is called Metta. Metta meditation is a type of Buddhist meditation with the goal of promoting kindness for all beings, when you show kindness to others, it will also come to you as well.

Move your body

Exercise! Exercise and Exercise. See to it that you are always on the move. Whether we are talking about physical or mental health – doing exercise should always be on top of your list. Push yourself to get up early in the morning. Go for a walk or run allow yourself to breathe in the fresh air. Exercise releases endorphins which in turn help boost the mood.

Express it out

Whether verbal or written, express what is in your mind as it helps you maintain a focused mind. Your long day at some point somehow may be bombarded with confusions, questions, and they somehow make it hard for you to make sense of your feelings. In moving forward to it, try putting your thoughts and feelings on paper.  Write down your thoughts, your plans, and your goals – document everything. There is no right or wrong way in journaling – you can be creative in expressing your thoughts, or just plain simple – all up to you.  Studies have proven that journaling plays an important role in one’s well-being.

Connect with yourself and others

Life is not meant to be lived alone. Relate to others, spend quality time with the people that matter to you, share your stories and listen to their own. They play a big role in influencing your values which somehow could make it easier for you to find and attain your life’s purpose. Release forgiveness as it frees your unwanted emotions as well. Avoid involving yourself in a situation that would cost you your emotional welfare. Remember this 5 by 5 rule, if things are not going to matter in the next 5 years, do not spend more than 5 minutes upset by it.  Living your life with a purpose means having to understand what’s in it for you and what’s in it for others. Your shared values and beliefs could make you achieve greater things and more fulfilling life.

Explore more for deeper meanings

Get to know yourself more by exploring your spiritual core. Ask yourself for the person that you are right now. It is something that you’d love to be in the next coming years? Evaluate yourself by noticing your thoughts, actions, habits and character traits. Change is inevitable. Being aware of who you truly are – areas to work on and areas to maintain can help you achieve a happy and healthy life.

Allow us to end this with the quote by the ancient Chinese Philosopher and writer, Lao Tzu, “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” 

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It is undeniably without a doubt that being confident is of big help in letting you achieve greater things. The way people derived their confidence varies from one person to another. Being confident in something gives you a feeling of assurance. It does bring plenty of benefits – may it be at home, to your work, or even to your relationships. Sure that confidence should be something that someone should work on. You perform well when you are confident, having the confidence not only impacts how you perceived yourself it also does help you connect and interact with others – better understand and show compassion, confidence also allows you to explore more and be open to trying new things, nothing beats the feeling of believing on the things that you are capable of doing and believing that you can go the extra mile in doing things that you think are impossible and lastly, being confident allows you to be more resilient as it enhances your ability to cope up and bounce back from any adversities that may come your way.  In our life, we are bound to face varieties of challenges, successes, and failures but it is the confidence that would make you or break you.

Gone are the days you questioned your self-worth. If you are not into loving yourself lately, now is perhaps the best time that you take a look into your well-being. Worry no more as we’ve got you covered in varieties of ways by which you can get started. Self-love does not have to cost you that much instead, it has to be something that you look forward to doing every single day. 

We are sharing with you 5 ways by which you an build your self-confidence.

Take good care of your body

Your body, in ten, fifteen, or twenty years from now will either thank you or hate you for whatever practices you have right now. The goal is for your future self to thank you.

One way by which you could build your self-confidence is, to begin with taking care of your body. Your health and entire well-being also benefit when you take good care of your body. A win-win situation it is! Here are some of the practices by which you could take care of your body:

A healthy diet

Your food intake says a lot about how well you care for your body and your overall well-being. You probably have heard a lot about the saying eat well, live well. You are literally what you eat. Fueling your body with nutritional foods makes you more energized and stronger. This factor contributes a lot to feeling better about yourself. Ditch the unhealthy snacking now!

Sweat it out

Varieties of studies have proven the link between exercise and building someone’s self-confidence. Exercising directly affects how someone perceived their body image. It is undeniably true that one’s body image directly impacts self-confidence. This was proven trues by the study published in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment the year 2016 whereas participants who achieved an improved body image due to consistent physical activities felt more confident about themselves.


Aside from getting a healthier body and a clearer mind, meditation can also improve your focus on life, such as making a positive decision to make your life better and increasing self-confidence. Give yourself some quiet time and meditate.

Give your body some rest

In as much as you love to stay late at night to binge-watch your favorite movie or Netflix series. Having a good quality of sleep plays a vital role in achieving self-confidence

Be gentle to yourself

If there is a person that shouldn’t be hard on yourself – that should be you! Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Treat yourself with compassion. Failures and setbacks are part of someone’s character development. Being gentle to yourself allows you to be emotionally flexible – this then contributes to your way of navigating more complex challenging emotions. In turn, it enhances the way you connect with others and yourself.

Studies have proven that showing compassion directly impacts someone’s self confidence.

Set realistic goals

Do something that will keep and push you from doing. The feeling of being accomplished towards something is incomparable. Big or small set new goals. Just make sure they are realistic and attainable. The point here is for you to have something to look forward to, something that challenged you and pushes you to step out of your comfort zone.

Surround yourself with people that matter

People around you contribute so much to your self-confidence. Surround yourself with the people that bring the best in you and challenge you to be more of what you are capable of doing. The people whom you spend most of your time with influence so much on your thoughts and attitudes. Be sure you are spending your time with the right ones. Remember, your circle doesn’t have to be big. Few real people are worth more than so much.

Incorporate positive self-talk

Saving the best for last. You probably have heard a lot about the powers of word of affirmation. The same ways go for your self-confidence, sometimes it is your negative thoughts that are hindering you from being the best version of yourself. Your negative self-talk is convincing your subconscious that you aren’t good enough for something.  Start reframing your thoughts into a positive one. Foster optimistic self-talk. Begin by saying “I can do it”, “I can handle this” or “I can do better next time”. Experiences in life are bound to teach you a lesson. Avoid negating your ability to bounce back from it.

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They say that the only way to achieve greater things is by believing in yourself.  On the course of achieving greater things in life comes frustrations. While others manage to pick themselves up to where they fell short others stumble to stand up.

Indecisions, self-doubt, and lack of confidence are all products of your inner villain. Yes! Your inner thoughts have a lot to do with you, your decisions, your performance, and how you deal with others. And it is without a doubt that they hinder you from achieving greater things. What could be inferred from this scenario is that, before you conquer the external world, you first have to master the inner world of your mind. How many of you would agree to this? Thus, it implies that your enemy lies not in the outside world – not the money, opportunity, or people that are holding you back. It is you. It is your negative thoughts and beliefs in yourself that are hindering you from being the best version of yourself.

Knowing yourself more could do so much in combatting your inner enemies. Assessing yourself, your behavior, and your emotions are just part of the process of learning more about who you are as a person. Do not get all dulled up in doing it so as it could do so much in your personal growth. As such, on the course of battling with your inner enemies and getting to know more of yourself. Listed below are some of the practices by which you can fight your inner enemies.

  1. Manage your expectations

It is natural to have an expectation especially when you set a goal and you worked so hard to attain it. However, it is advised to avoid setting too much expectation in every situation that you’ll gain the most out of it because of the endpoint? You will end up feeling unfulfilled. Set expectations only for the things that you cannot control. Expecting others to attain those for you, or act in a certain way is a big no-no! Plus, setting realistic expectations is also of big help to avoid disappoints. Do not expect to get everything as it will leave you unfulfilled, on the other note, expecting less would leave you feeling content with what you’ve gained.

  1. It is the little things that matter

While you are off to achieve something big, little did you know that you tend to overlook the smaller things around us? Do not forget to have a pleasurable life in your pursuit of achieving something big. Do not overlook the small things you do or achieve on a daily matter just because you are so focused on achieving something big. In your journey to success, little accomplishments you have done so much in boosting your confidence. A tap on your shoulder for doing a bit of the progress. Failing to appreciate yourself, what you do, and the little things around you could add up to your disappointments.

  1. Do not take things for granted

You, most often the time compare yourself to others. That is one thing for sure, your inner enemy. But have you ever taken some time to think and appreciate what is it that you have that at some point somehow others wish they have? Squeeze more out of life. Everyone sure has something they can be grateful for – may it be your good health, abilities, hobbies, or the love from people around you. Take a look at those and appreciate them.

  1. Do not burn yourself out

You must agree with it that when you want to achieve something, you, in most cases put all your energy into it to the point that it will exhaust you. A little bit of a me-time won’t hurt you. Take a look at your welfare every now and then. There is nothing wrong with working hard as long as you are allowing yourself to breathe every now and then. Do not demand too much perfection from yourself. Life is always unpredictable.

  1. Stop overanalyzing things out

An innate human nature – overthinking. Most of you would agree that you have it as your inner enemy. While it is good to rationally analyze things out – overthinking can prove detrimental as you tend to rely on your assumptions thereby having to experience struggle with your mind, instinct, brain, and heart. If by any chance you get confronted in a situation such as this, best way to combat this inner enemy. Trust in your instincts to break the problems down and avoid focusing too much on the implications. A simple list of pros and cons may suffice.

  1. Do not doubt yourself

Self-doubt is one of the most common inner enemies to many. Your self-doubt prevents you from progressing. In dealing with self-doubt knowing thyself plays a vital role. Own your life and never put too much blame on yourself when faced with unexpected circumstances. Shut down your inner enemy by working on the key aspects of your life that needs improvement and hone the areas you are already good with.

  1. Keep moving forward

Progress is progress no matter how big or small it is. Do not be distracted by the bumps and curves that you may encounter along the way. As the famous Greek Philosopher once said, “Movement was the main thing in life” You do not become mentally strong just by staying still nor ignoring your inner troubles. In life, you may face different adversities, do not allow those to pull you down. Instead, kame the knowledge you gained from it your stepping point in becoming the best version of yourself.

  1. Do not rush things out

In your pursuit of attaining a goal or achieving something in life, you tend to rush things out thus, making things prone to disappointments which may affect your focus. Understand that conquering something needs to be done in a slow yet certain phase. Fake promises may somehow distract you from reality. Rather than focusing on your destination, indulge yourself in the journey itself. Stop pressuring yourself to be better overnight. Practice appreciations of your works and progress. The road may be long but the sense of fulfillment of having patience over the process you’ve been through is indeed rewarding.

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Happiness is the key to life. How well do you agree on this matter? In your pursuit to achieving greater things in life, you may somehow forget having to experience genuine happiness is perhaps one of the greatest things one could ever experience in life. Do not make happiness a product of chance – it doesn’t have to be. Your happiness should not be solely dependent on the results of some external circumstances. Rather, happiness should be something that you solely feel in your waking moment of every day. An indescribable feeling of being on cloud 9.

While some find cultivating happiness an easy task to do, others struggle to find ways by which they could achieve a life filled with joy. Do not get all worked up as it is a fact that life is filled with all the ups and downs that somehow take a toll on your emotions, there are certain things in life that have to undergo the process, changes – a metamorphosis, they say.  Consider happiness as a butterfly – to experience the beauty in it, you have to go through varieties of changes. Same with life, you have to have some recalibration to attain happiness that is coming from within. 

Choose happiness where and when you want it. Check on the 5 Methods of Cultivating Happiness as listed below and as validated by the experts.

Cultivate Joy by embracing your fears

Fear is one of the big stoppers of happiness as it leads you to worry and be bothered. Learn how to welcome your fear as they are not your worst enemy. Fear is something that we all experience naturally. Embrace it by taking steps outside your comfort zone.  In conquering your fear, take this quote by Nelson Mandela whereas he said that “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”  Do things that scare you.  How lovely is it to experience when all the butterflies in your stomach go wild?

Cultivate Joy through the power of appreciation

How many of you would agree that a simple thank you from someone has a big impact on your day? The power of appreciation it is. Happiness starts by being grateful and appreciative of what is around you. Grateful for the life, food you eat, shelter to live in. Appreciation of the little things in life contributes a lot to your happiness and adds up to your positive outlook in life. Now then, in getting started to cultivating a habit of joy. Before you go to bed every night, list down all the things that you are grateful for every day.  This habit could change your entire perspective.

Cultivate Joy by smiling

Brighten up the day of the people around you with just a flash of your pearly whites. Experts in the field of Psychology have proven that the act of smiling alone can lead to emotions of happiness. We have long perceived smiling as the product of happiness but are not consciously aware that it also has the capability to cause happiness. So the next time you are feeling a bit bluer than blue? Smile and force your mind to respond to it.

Cultivate Joy by breathing properly

Sit up, pull your shoulders back, and take a deep breath. How relaxing is it for you? What did you feel right after you do it?

A long slow breath is believed to calm down the nervous system and potentially creates a physiological change in your body.

If you ever found yourself in a stressful situation and finding it hard to respond? Take a pause and take a deep breath.

Cultivate Joy by erasing unhappy vocabulary

Take this quote from the author known for his self-help books, Tonny Robbins, whereas, he said that “Simply by changing your habitual vocabulary – the words you consistently use to describe the emotions in your life – you can instantly change how you think, feel and how you live.” You are what you feed your mind. The power of affirmation, they say.

Instead of dwelling too much on the negative adjectives in describing your emotions in your day-to-day lives replace them with a more positive term such as joy, happiness, or delight you will be surprised that you are already making happiness a regular habit.

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“Conclude your day with Roasted salmon with asparagus, and lemon juice Not your usual dinner. This salmon recipe is a must-try. Perfect for different occasions and easy enough for your busy nights. Enjoy all the benefits of this nutritionally balanced salmon recipe in your regular diet. This easy meal prep and less messy way to eat fish and vegetables is indeed one for the books.

An overview of the main ingredients:

Salmon Fillet – Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids which has the potential to reduce inflammation and may lower your blood pressure and decreases the risk of acquiring certain types of disease. Your skin also benefits from its Omega-3 fatty acid content as it plays a vital role in keeping your skin supple and healthy. Your body needs proteins to heal and protect the bones. Salmon is rich in quality protein.

Asparagus –  The most widely used vegetable in varieties of dishes around the world. This low-calorie vegetable is a good source of essential vitamins and minerals such as folate, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. A good source of antioxidants that prevents damages caused by harmful free radicals.


Lemon Juice –  Lemons have strong antibacterial properties, perfect for nixing breakout-causing bacteria. As a rich source of Vitamin C and citric acids, lemons are known for their detoxifying effects.

Cooking Instructions:

• 600g sliced pound salmon fillet, skinned and cut into 4 portions
• ½ tablespoons Salt and ¼ tablespoons Pepper
• 400g green asparagus
• 3 tablespoons melted butter
• 1 lemon juice
• 2 finely minced the garlic cloves

1. Preheat oven to 380 degrees F.
2. Toss asparagus with 1 tablespoon oil, ¼ teaspoon salt, and 1/8 teaspoon pepper in the medium bowl. Combine ¼ lemon juice, garlic, 1/8 teaspoon salt, and 1/8 teaspoon pepper in a small bowl.
3.    Sprinkle salmon with the remaining ¼ teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon pepper.
4. Place the salmon in the center of the pan; spread the asparagus on the empty side of the pan and spread the ¾ of the lemon juice on the salmon, spread the melted butter on salmon and green asparagus.
5. Roast 12-15 minutes until the salmon is just cooked through and the vegetables are tender. Garnish with 4 Lemon slices and ½ tablespoon parsley and serve immediately

Bring the fine dining feels to the comfort of your home. Healthy snacking does not have to be boring. This recipe would be a perfect match with mashed potato and rice.

Do not limit your diet to the foods that you are most accustomed to. Look for creative ways to make your healthy eating more enjoyable. Try other ways with which you can incorporate these abovementioned ingredients. Happy snacking!

How about lunch?

We are treating you to a Mediterranean meal this afternoon! Gone are the days of sad desk salad, we are treating you to a happy lunch break while keeping it low carb without seeing all greens. A lunch recipe that is as easy as 1-2-3 and can be done within a span of 20 minutes. Perfect for you who is always on the go. Treat yourself to a lunch full of protein, fresh salad, and healthy fat. Enjoy the Mediterranean flair of delicious lunch with every bite. Worry no more about the availability of ingredients. We made sure that all these could be easily found in your local supermarkets.

Chicken, Hummus in a bed of lettuce Wraps

An overview of the main ingredients:

Chicken – Chicken is a versatile source of high-quality protein it does make the best substitute for red meats. It does not contain much fat and is therefore highly advisable for those who love to keep in shape. Despite its protein content, chicken is also rich in Vitamin B12, Choline, Zinc, Iron, Copper, and an amino acid called Tryptophan. Did you know that this amino acid has been linked to serotonin or the so-called “feel good” hormone in our brains? Hmm, chicken is a go-to food not just for people who are very much particular with their weight loss journey it also promotes mental health being. Studies also suggest that 25-30 grams of protein per meal can help you feel more full. Despite eating less, opt to include protein-rich food in your diet.

Hummus – This popular Middle Eastern dip and spread is packed with nutrients linked to many health benefits. This dip is typically made by blending chickpeas, sesame seeds m olive oil, and lemon juice. Hummus is packed with healthy ingredients that are vital in combating chronic inflammation. As a great source of plant-based protein which amounts to 7.9 grams per serving, hummus makes an excellent option for people who is very much particular in a vegan diet. Protein is needed for optimal growth, recovery, and the body’s immune function. Hummus ingredients is also a secret to youthful glowing skin. A key ingredient such as chickpeas is an excellent source of manganese that helps combat damages caused by free radicals keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Other nutrients such as folate and Vitamin B nourish skin cells and repair damage caused by the environmental aggressors.

Arugula – Your Mediterranean treat would not be complete without arugula. Spice up your lunch with this distinctive tasting green taunting health benefits. Unlike any other green vegetable, arugula’s distinctive and peppery crunch would be of a great addition to your plain salad. The distinctive shape alone is oozing with vital nutrients such as calcium – essential in helping the blood to clot normally, Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant vital not just to your immune system but to your skin’s health. Vitamin A – another source of antioxidant vital in supporting your immune function and cell growth. These vital nutrients are of big help in maintaining your skin and body.

Cooking Instructions:
• 2 cups cooked grilled chicken breasts thinly sliced
• 3 whole-grain- flatbreads
• ½ cup hummus
• 1 small red bell pepper, thinly sliced
• 2 cup arugula salad
• Salt and Pepper
• 2 tomatoes
• ½ cup cheese
• Cucumber (optional)
• Corn (optional)

1. Heat a heavy-duty pan or grill to medium heat. Grill or cook wraps for 2 minutes on each side or until the flatbread is crispy. Remove from heat.
2. Spread a 1/3 cup hummus on each flatbread.
3. Spread ½ cup arugula salad, 3 tablespoons thinly sliced pepper, ¼ cup cooked grilled chicken, 2 tablespoons of cheese, ½ tablespoons tomatoes on each flatbread. Fold tightly to form a burrito shape.
4. Slice in half and serve immediately.

Who says healthy eating has to be boring and time-consuming? This Mediterranean lunch treat is perfect for you who are very much concerned about food intake.  Treat yourself to a not Mediterranean lunch break.

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“You are what you eat” You probably have heard these tons and countless times when matters about health and lifestyle are being discussed. Your everyday life is bombarded influencer who loves sharing with you their favorite vegetable smoothies in the morning or simple TV or Facebook advertisements, sure topics about health are something that is not new to you!

To all the beauty enthusiasts out there, bet everyone has their favorite skincare regimen in their respective skincare routine, but truth to be told, beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. Topical beauty products are of big help as they cleanse, protect, treat and hydrate the skin directly but in combination with healthy food, you can achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Your food intake says a lot about how well you care for your body and your overall well-being. As such, with a vision to re-invigorate the way people see and value food, B&A is all about providing resources for everything from nutritional facts to healthy meal preparation for everyone who is always on the go. Who says healthy eating has to be boring? Change the way you see the concept of healthy eating. We are providing you your creative ways to reinvent your usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner to healthy snacking.

What’s for breakfast

Before heading on to another busy day, see to it that your body gets enough nutrients enough to fuel you to face any challenges of the day. How about an avocado toast to begin your day with? You pretty much have heard a lot about this as it has become a popular trend in American health foods. In this recipe, those unhealthy spreads that you pretty much indulge yourself with are to be replaced by avocados. Avocados, when mashed serves as a healthier alternative to butter.

Avocado Toast

An overview of the main ingredients:

Avocado – Delivers healthy fat that your body needs. This wonder fruit is rich in monosaturated fat and Vitamin E. Monosaturated fats have a number of health benefits as it helps you with weight loss, reduce risk of heart disease and decrease inflammation.

To name few other health benefits, avocado is also a good source of Vitamin B, potassium, and fiber all of which are said to be beneficial for the heart and cardiovascular system. Avocado also supplies more soluble fiber than any other fruit and contains minerals such as iron, copper, and potassium.

Boiled egg – Eggs sure carry a lot of nutrients. Reaping its benefits varies on the matter it was prepared. Having said that, there is a long list to discuss when the health benefits of a hard-boiled egg are on the line. A hard-boiled egg is an excellent source of high-quality protein and is rich in Vitamin B, Zinc, and calcium -all of which play a vital role for your health being.

Pomegranate seed – This fruit is believed to have lots to offer – powerful fruit rich in polyphenol a reducing agent, with which when worked together with vitamin C,

vitamin E, and carotenoids, is referred to as antioxidants which play a vital role in protecting the body’s tissues against oxidative stress and associated pathologies like cancer, heart disease, and inflammation.

Cooking Instructions:
• 2 slices of bread
• 1 Avocado
• 1 boiled egg
• ¼ Organic Lemon Juice
• A pinch of salt and pepper
• 2 spoonfuls of pomegranate seeds
1. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Slowly, and carefully add in the eggs. Set the
timer for 8 minutes and let it cool down
2. Pop your bread into the toaster
3. Cut the avocado, carefully, then once lengthwise with a knife pull slowly the
two halves apart and remove the pit, put into a bowl, and mash with a fork.
4. Take the cold egg and put it in a bowl, use your knife to chop into the egg and
mash it with the fork
5.  Mix avocado and egg with a spoon very well and season with salt and pepper
6. Spread the avocado and egg cream on your bread
7.  Garnish the avocado bread with pomegranate seeds

Startup your day with some healthy snacking. This recipe would go well with wheat or toasted bread

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Finally, a long tiring week of work was just concluded, and hmmm the idea of treating yourself to a spa for a whole-body massage and a bit of pampering over the weekend sounds like the best plan. After all, you deserve it!  The moment you step into a wellness spa brings in a comforting feeling – the scent itself evokes calming and relaxing feel plus add up the very good choice of music that makes you want to nap while indulging yourself in a body massage. But that was the pre-pandemic era. The current surge of COVID 19 demanded fast reorganization, as well as the ability to adapt and administer new working protocols. In a blink of an eye, we all have to conduct meetings and get our works done virtually – with our hair undone and still on our PJs. Yes, welcome to our new normal. Who would have thought that these current COVID restrictions would further enhance and change our self-care? Beauty customers indeed change their buying habits amid quarantine limitations in order to mimic the salon and spa experience at home.

Make the most out of your stay at home – build routines and habits that you look forward to doing every now and then.  Along with these routines, we highly encourage you to make pampering a habit! Brace yourselves, Queens, as we bring you a luxurious 5-star spa experience at the comfort of your home without having to spend lots of pennies.

A relaxing weekend? Here we go!

Here are creative ways to have an at-home spa day while we are mostly stuck indoors.

Who could ever go wrong with an essential oil diffuser?

This tool was already highly available even during the pre-pandemic era. You probably have seen tons of it as you walk along with the malls. Have you ever considered buying it? Well then if you haven’t, take our advice and buy it. The comforting feeling it evokes is indeed one for the books. Diffuser alongside essential oils? Holy-grail tool that provides gives that comforting vibes.  Essential oils are oils derived from plants that are inhaled in order to promote mental wellbeing and ease physical discomfort. Aromatherapy has long been practiced since ancient times – it is a holistic treatment method that has been used for emotional and physical ailments. For your first step to a 5-star spa experience at the comfort of your home. Turn on an essential oil diffuser for that heavenly, soothing scent as you get started with your self-care moments over the weekend. Still quite unsure about what essential oil to incorporate? Well then, you could never go wrong with lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil.

A rejuvenating body scrub

A warm bath to get things started! But, this time add up a bit of exfoliation as it is vital to keep dry and dull skin at bay. Exfoliation, when done on a weekly basis helps remove dead skin cells. The good thing is, there are a couple of ways you could scrub yourself. For a nourishing body scrub, a combination of olive oil and brown sugar would be of big help. Just make sure that you have twice the amount of sugar as compared to the oil. Once prepared, use the scrub in the shower after washing your skin your favorite scented body wash just simply rub your homemade scrub to your body in a circular motion as you pay attention to the rough spots such as the elbows and knees. Rinse it off after leaving it one for quite a minute.

Put on that comfy robe of yours

A spa experience would not be complete without that comfy robes on. Agree? Pair it up with some fun slippers for that complete spa-at-the-comfort-of-your-home look. Yaay. Excited about what’s coming next?

A DIY steam facial

A steam facial that won’t cost you that much? Made possible! We’ve got you covered, Queens! Steaming is a good way to cleanse your pores – promoting clear and glowing skin. A facial steaming after that bomb bath? Let us get you started.

Your preparation for a DIY steam facial won’t eat up much of your time. Just fill a bowl with boiled water and leave it cool until you feel that your skin could pretty much tolerate the heat without having to cause burns. For acne-prone skin, a drop of tea tree oil would help, lavender oil for oily skin, and rose oil for those who are dealing with dry skin. Simply steam your face for quite a minute by leaning over the bowl with a towel covering your head to enable to stream to circulate within that range.  

Go over your usual beauty routine

An at-home facial would not be complete without that gentle cleansing and light exfoliation. You may opt to use your usual skincare products your skin is accustomed to. Followed by a moisturizing and cleansing mask for that complete facial experience. Conclude your usual skincare routine with a facial massage using natural oils such as jojoba, grapeseed, or almond oil. Apply it to your hands and massage gently upward in a circular motion. This massage helps nourish the skin and boost circulation for that soft complexion.

Oops! Do not forget the eye area

Your eyes speak a lot. Hydrate your tired eyes with varieties of ways – may it be those eye patch that is made readily available over the counter or Do It Yourself. Sure there are plenty of ways you could do it. You probably have known the ever famous Do-it-yourself way, the cucumber method! The high water content makes it one of the go-to ingredients in getting rid of those puffy dark circles under the eyes as it moisturizes the skin beneath the eye area. How about the idea of cucumber therapy in your dim light room while adding up a touch of a candle? Candles in a form of a relaxing scent bring some comforting vibes. This scent, in most cases, could also bring you the feel of a relaxing environment like a spa. You could never go wrong with the lavender scent, Queen! Come on give it a try!

A foot massage or foot soak? Yaay!

Give your sole a little bit of treat over the weekend. Time to finally say bye to that muscle soreness. May it is beauty tools or self-care tools – continuous innovation indeed gave way to make our lives bearable. As you continuously look for tools to mimic your home spa experience comes foot massager. This tool brings in major relaxation vibes. Sit back and give your feet some hot tub experience, a basin-like powered by electricity that has massage rollers that actually relieve pain in your feet. Specifications and functions vary from one product to another. How ready are you now in adding this foot massager to our cart? Share with us your foot massager soon! Apart from that technologically advanced tool. You could as well do some DIY foot soak. A soft, smooth skin is made within reach with these ingredients mostly found in your kitchens. To moisturize your feet, you will need honey, coconut milk, and a little bit of cinnamon powder.  The moisturizing properties of those mentioned ingredients will leave your skin some sweet treat. Plus, the preparation is as easy as 1-2-3. Just dissolve honey and coconut oil in a small bowl of boiling water. After the mixture was dissolved, slowly add it up the mixture to the tub of water. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon powder and yes! You are good to go for treating your feet to soft, smooth skin.

Time to give your fingernails and toenails some revamp

You pretty much are well familiar with it. What comes after a foot massage? Pedi-time!  You all would pretty much agree that everyone gets excited by just simply picking up the appropriate nail polish. It most often the time speaks for the mood you have. Agree? Make sure that you have the complete nail tools such as cuticle nipper, angled nail clipper, scissors, nail clipper, toenail clipper, and a double-ended cuticle trimmer/pusher plus of course, a nail treatment would not be complete without those varieties of colorful nail polish.

Bringing a 5-star spa experience to the comfort of your home is possible. Treat yourself to this experience that won’t eat up much of your time to prepare. Do not forget to have a sip of your favorite wine or tea as you do these, Queens!

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The journey to achieving supple glowing skin does not just stop from topical application of skincare products. There are plenty of other ways to help your skin achieve its best. Along with your smart habits healthy snacking plays a great role in achieving your #skingoals.

To all the beauty enthusiasts out there!  Bet everyone has their favorite skincare regimen in their respective skincare routine, but truth to be told, beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. Topical beauty products are of big help as they cleanse, protect, treat and hydrate the skin directly but in combination with healthy food and a healthy lifestyle and habits, you can achieve healthy and glowing skin.

We’d love to be with you along the way in achieving that dream skin of yours. Let us lay down the list of wonder foods that you may incorporate in your healthy snacking that contributes to your skin’s health a lot.


This tender, reddish, firm fish, and is one of the most popular fish choices in America with varieties of cooking styles you could do, who could ever go wrong with it? Salmon is rich in antioxidant which is of big help in calming inflammation. Fatty fish like salmon or mackerel are linked with omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient that helps regulate skin oil production, balanced hydration, and subdue breakouts. Getting skin benefits of omega-3 through food can improve your skin’s fatty acid composition and balances its inflammatory response. Have you taken some time to look for creative ways to prepare this fatty fish? May it be a simple dinner or holiday dinner, you can do so many recipes for this fatty fish.


There is no doubt that avocado is a green superfood. When eaten or applied topically, avocados are a wonderful moisturizer. Rich in fat-soluble vitamins and monounsaturated fats. If you have dry skin, sure avocado is good for your skin – with healthy oils and vitamin E, both of which are found in avocado, thus providing building blocks for healthy skin function.

How do you love your avocados to be done? There are a lot of avocado recipes readily available online; whether you like it as part of your toast, or part of your dip or salad dressing. Sure it perfectly works for your diet. But I guess all of you would agree when I say that avocado smoothies sound best! Yummmmmm

Green Tea

Green tea is most commonly known to be good for your heart. It is shown to improve blood flow and cholesterol. What is good for your heart is indeed good for your brain as well – this pretty much explains why a sip of green tea gives you that extra focus feels. Green tea is also beneficial for your skin, yes!  you reap too many benefits with just a cup of green tea from your overall well-being to your skin’s health. Indeed, green tea is a wonder drink. That primarily explains why the green tea extract is most commonly incorporated in your favorite skincare product. The essential vitamin content of green tea extracts such as Vitamin B2 balances skin’s natural oils making your skin more radiant and improves skin – for youthful skin structure and Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from the harmful damages from UV rays. How about shifting your usual mornings from coffee to tea? How willing are you to commit then?


The love for green is barely undeniable: from salads to juices and now to skincare!  Presenting, Kale! Consider this as queen of beauty. Rich in Vitamins C, E, and K – all that works in making your skin look younger and healthier. Vitamin C – because how many times do we have to say that this is the top-tier vitamin in achieving that healthy glowing skin? – An antioxidant that’s great for brightening skin’s appearance. Bid farewell to dark spots! Vitamin E – an antioxidant that moisturizes and protects your skin from sun damage and Vitamin K that helps in dark spots healing. How ready are you now in preparing your favorite salads with kale?


Your most loved pasta topped with marinara sauce? Well then, it does good for your skin. Aiming for that healthy-looking skin? You might want to eat more marinara sauce! No kidding! Tomatoes are filled with goodies that may give your skin an antioxidant boost to calm inflammation, reduce sun damage and fight back fine lines. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. Lyco-what? Lycopene is a red nutrient in the carotenoids that give tomatoes their signature hue. As tomatoes ripen, their lycopene content gets higher and higher. Wonder why it’s good for you? According to Dr. Karin Hermoni Ph.D. Head Science & Nutrition at Lycored, Lycopene is a great food-derived antioxidant with many skin benefits that span the entire skin wellness spectrum. In addition to that statement, it is also said that the nutrient not only quenches free radicals but also induces the body’s own protection mechanism against oxidative stress and inflammation, enhancing skin resilience and allowing skin cells to better cope with the environment.

So are you planning to have your pasta filled with marinara sauce tonight? Yay! Count us in because we love to have that too. Tag us in your Instagram stories!

Dark Chocolates

Yes, You see it right! So the next time you felt guilty in indulging yourself to too much sweet. Worry less now because dark chocolates may be your go-to comfort food now. Dark chocolate, made from the seed of the cocoa trees, has one of the best sources of antioxidants you can find. It is loaded with organic compounds such as polyphenols, flavonols, and catechins that function as antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage and any other environmental aggressors. Studies have been done already exploring the antioxidant activity of dark chocolates. Compared to other fruits such as blueberries, it was then found out that dark chocolate organic compounds had more antioxidant activity. Worry no more! It seems that you now meet your go-to comfort food!


This fruit is believed to have a lot to offer – powerful fruit rich in polyphenol a reducing agent, which when worked together with vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids, is referred to as antioxidants which play a vital role in protecting the body’s tissues against oxidative stress and associated pathologies like cancer, heart disease, and inflammation.  Polyphenol found in pomegranate includes Anthocyanins, a natural sun protectant and contains both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties both are considered to be beneficial for your skin’s health, on the other hand, pomegranate is said to contain the highest concentration of ellagic acid a polyphenol effective in treating wrinkle and inflammation. Apart from it, it is also said that this has a skin whitening effect and reduces UV-induced pigmentation. Slack off with pomegranate smoothie. Share with us your different ways of incorporating this in your day-to-day healthy snacking.

We have a long list to go and a day would not be enough to discuss all the nutritious food we’d love to recommend. Bottom line, in your journey to achieving healthy skin a lot of factors have to be considered. No one benefits from taking care of your body except you.

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Time to finally shut down your computers and stay away from digital devices for a while now. This weekend, make it a point that you go the extra mile in pampering your skin. Though we know that you already have with you your usual skincare regimen, there are some skincare top-ups that you could do over the weekend like a simple exfoliation and sheet masks that your skin would pretty much love. As you take your rest over the weekend, doing skincare should not be put on rest as well.

Let us get you started with your weekend treat to your skin.

Before anything else,

Why don’t you try checking up on your skincare ingredients today? Washing your face every day is indeed an integral part of your daily routine. But with wrong ingredients? You might be unaware that it could be stripping skin’s protective oils and is doing more harm than good.

Now is the best time to stock up on the skincare ingredients your skin might be needed to regain the water loss to achieve that hydrated skin. Keep these ingredients in mind:

Ceramides – Locks in moisture into your skin which helps prevent dryness and irritation. Say bye-bye dull skin!

Hyaluronic acid – your holy grail to wrinkle free and youthful hydration.  It functions as a humectant and holds water molecules onto the surface of your skin to keep it nice and hydrated.

On top of your usual skincare regimen, there are some additional steps that you could add up during the weekend.

Jumpstart with a gentle cleanser – the usual

Just like any other skincare routine, cleansing should be the utmost priority.  The primary purpose of cleansing is to remove dirt and impurities from the surface of your skin for a clean finish.  A gentle cleanser is always recommended. Cleansing is as easy as 1-2-3 you’ve been doing it for decades. Just squeeze a small amount of cleanser into your clean hands add water to transform it from clay to mousse consistency and then gently massage the facial cleanser onto your face rinse off thoroughly and gently pat dry with a washcloth.

Exfoliate the flaky spots away

Bet you don’t like it when that dry, flaky spots have started to show up. That is your reminder to exfoliate already. Exfoliating is essential to maintaining soft and healthy looking skin because it slough off all dead skin cells. Make it a habit to exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of the dead skin cells. Based on the expert’s recommendation, this may be the best time to say bye to physical exfoliant and started shifting to chemical exfoliant in place of exfoliating your dead skin cells away. Chemical exfoliation is the safest way you could do in getting rid of those dead skin cells that accumulate over the week thus means that you do not necessarily have to back off from giving your skin an extra exfoliation. Chemical exfoliants are mostly composed of: AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) These are derived from natural substances and are said to be ideal for exfoliating dry skin. Its primary function is removing that “glue” that holds dead skin cells together. The payout? Smoother skin and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) are oil-soluble by nature. Thus allowing it to reach deeper into the skin and pores. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties – what does it do for your skin then? A depth-exfoliation.

What better way to exfoliate your skin considering the skin type that you have?

Salicylic acid for acne-prone skin

Salicylic acid is beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), a type of carbon-based organic compound that naturally occurs in willow bark, fruits, and vegetables. Can penetrate pores to unclog blackheads.

Glycolic Acid for sun-damaged skin 

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) group of plant and animal-derived acids. Glycolic acid together with lactic acid is said to be the most promising and well-researched AHA. Glycolic acid, when applied topically, works in breaking the bonds between the outer layer of skin cells. The peeling effect it creates makes the skin appear smoother and more even. Unlike any other skincare ingredient that causes the skin to get dry, glycolic acid can as well help retain skin moisture.

Lactic Acid for sensitive skin

Lactic Acid is the gentle AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that your skincare routine might be missing. Lactic Acid, derived from the lactose of milk, is the one that gives milk and yogurt that distinctive tang. A class of chemicals that gently exfoliates the skin. Lactic acid is milder compared to its ultra-potent cousin, glycolic acid, all credit to its larger molecule size that gives it a better gateway for those who have sensitive skin.

Reach out for a Mask!

Bet some of you would agree that this is one of the skincare routines that you look forward to every time – masks are arguably one of those beauty tools that the beauty world is currently obsessed with.  Consider facial masks as an ultimate treat to your skin. These are masks that are essentially thin sheets made up of paper, cloth, or gel saturated in serum, which usually contains serums and extracts. The easiest way to soothe tired skin, repair damage, and replenish moisture. Consider doing this once or twice per week.

Go over with the rest of your usual routine such as:

Toner – In contrast to the popular belief that toners tend to dry out your skin.  Tone it up! This is essential in restoring PH balance Toning helps refines skin textures, minimizes pores, and refreshes and revitalizes the skin. It prepares the skin for the treatment to be subsequently applied.

Serum – Achieve that flawless-looking skin with minimum effort. This wonder elixir is a hydrating skincare product that protects your skin from free radicals and future damage. It targets your specific skin concerns such as brightening, calming, and firming. Generally, your serum should have active ingredients that you can wear throughout the day like Niacinamide and Vitamin C which will make it plump, firm, and elastic. If overused, they can cause skin irritation. Using a serum mildly, once every other day, would boost your skin and provide your skin with all it needs but in a gentle, balanced way.

Moisturizer – Layer up moisturizer on top of the serum – yes! To lock in moisture to achieve that radiant glow. A moisturizer a day can help reduce the chances of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. There is a misconception that oily skin does not need moisturizer. Everyone needs a moisturizer for every skin type and should be included in everyone’s basic skincare routine.

Eye Cream – Take good care of that delicate skin on your eye area because #glassskin would not be achieved if you have disturbing dry patches and bags under your eyes.

Being a little extra in your skincare during weekends should always be your top priority. Do not let any signs of skin aging sit in. Consistency is the key to achieving your #skingoals.

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Is it Friday already?  Yaay! Hooray for Friyay! You just survived another work week. There may be a lot of stressors that your skin has been through over the past few days. Well then, keep in mind that stress should not sit in your skin. Do not let any signs of it go visible to the naked eye. How about the thought of going the extra mile in pampering your skin this upcoming weekend? The idea sounds good, right? On top of your plan of binge-watching your favorite Netflix series why then add up a bit of pampering over the weekend? We have prepared some useful tips and practices that are as easy as 1-2-3 that you might want to consider doing in doing so order to repair your skin’s moisture barrier and get that healthy, hydrated skin your skin deserves!


Let’s get you started

May you start the weekend with no hangover at all. Of course, committing to intensive skincare means getting rid of your unnecessary late Friday night hobbies. Go easy on the booze, catch up on sleep.  Jumpstart your skin’s healing process by catching up on sleep.  It is advised to have at least 8-9 hours of sleep.  Note that your sleeping hours are when your skin repairs itself and replenishes its moisture. Thus, implies that it is one of the most important factors in order for your skin to be able to repair its moisture barrier.


Head on to a productive weekend

First off, note that you are the human version of watermelon. We’ve been saying countless times that plenty of water intake is essential in achieving that healthy glowing skin. The more moisture you give your body from the inside. The better your skin productive barrier works. Not only does it do good for your skin but for your overall well-being.

Start your day by cleaning up all your bed sheet essentials. Start off with changing your bed sheet and pillows. This might be the best time to start switching off to silk pillowcases – as this is considered to be gentler to your skin than cotton. Silk creates less friction and helps prevent abrasion of the skin. Do you think this is the best time to hoard on some sleeping essentials?

It is essential that you set time to pamper yourself every weekend. Me-time is essential as it boosts your self-esteem.  We bet you would pretty much agree that nothing beats confidence when you feel good about yourself. Be good you your mind, body, skin, and overall well-being. Let us get you started with your all-out skin-pampering during your much-awaited weekend. No work-related phone calls and emails to be entertained, okay?


Setting a more relaxing environment as compared to your usual work environment is the key to a more pampering and relaxing weekend. This can be done by making sure that your space is extra clean and is free from any other distractions. Incorporate some of these tips and practices in setting up the tone for your relaxing weekend.

1.1 Add up a touch of candles – Candles in a form of a relaxing scent bring some comforting vibes. This scent, in most cases, could also bring you the feel of a relaxing environment like a spa. While there are plenty of available scents out there. Let us get you started with using candles with lavender and chamomile scent as these scents are believed to help set a calming mood. Fill your space with a candle glow.

1.2 Listen to relaxing music – Did you know that there are various studies conducted on how listening to music can reinforce one’s mood.  It was concluded that music is a valid therapy to potentially improve mood. In addition to setting the tone why not add up spa music. Hurry open your Spotify now and check on some spa music-related playlists.

1.3 Have some treats – A day of pampering would not be complete without you sipping a tea. Grab some peppermint tea and prepare some finger foods that won’t consume much of your time to prepare. Why not wear your favorite robe as well to complete the theme?



After having to set up the mood for your me-time. Time to eliminate the dead skin cells that accumulate in your skin. Exfoliation is vital and is highly advisable to be done on a weekly basis as it helps your skin look and feel smoother and thus reduces the likelihood of clogged pores. But wait! Whenever you heard the advice that your skin needs extra exfoliation the first thing, perhaps that comes into your mind is –scrubs. However, professionals believed that scrubs may potentially cause micro-tears in the skin. Of course, scrubs do work says the experts, but they need to be handled gently. That is why experts are shifting to a safer way to do the process of exfoliation – through chemical exfoliation. Chemical may sound harsh on your endpoint but let us try to reap off and unleash what it actually does for the skin and the experts stand about it. In looking for chemical exfoliants there are couple of types to look out for, let us start off with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) These are actually derived from natural substances and are said to be ideal for exfoliating dry skin and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) are oil-soluble by nature. Thus allowing it to reach deeper into the skin and pores. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.



Well, a weekly pamper routine would not be complete without having to incorporate masks. This time we are making sure that you are not only doing it for your skin, yep we included some DIY masks for your hair too. Yay!

Prep up your Hair Mask – Do some wonders to your dry summertime hair. Your hair mask could be prep up as easily as 1-2-3 just mix an equal amount of coconut oil, castor oil, and avocado oil in a bowl. Mix well and apply liberally from the middle to the end of your dry hair. Leave it alone. You may use a shower cap or simply twist your hair in a knot.

Facial Mask – You may already have with you your go-to facial mask. The rise of the Korean skincare routine really educated everyone of having to incorporate it in their respective beauty routines. Your need for a facial mask depends on the skin type that you have. There are plenty of available facial masks over-the-counter. Clay and charcoal masks are advisable to those who have oily to combination skin as it helps absorbs excess oil from your skin’s surface. Brightening masks are ideal for those with dry and dull skin. Check on the ingredients if there are Vitamin C and Niacinamide as this helps improve uneven skin tone leaving your skin glowing. Or you may as well opt to DIY facial masks whichever you prefer.



Time to wash off your hair mask after leaving it on for a while. The time now for the most important part of your weekly pamper routine. Relax! Give yourself some warm bubble bath while listening to your favorite podcasts or just simply being present at the moment. Make the most out of your relaxing bath by adding up some bath salt, bath bombs, and bath sachets as an added moisture to your skin.


Go over your spot and body treatments. An all-out pampering it is. Treat your overall body with your favorite body cream after that relaxing warm bubble bath. Do it as soon as you get out of the shower so that your skin could easily absorb those products. After those exfoliations you’ve done, restore moisture by applying some serums, facial oils, moisturizer, and your go-to eye cream.


After having all these laid down to you. The last step we could probably advise for you to do then is to Get started with it. Make it a habit to prioritize your overall well-being. Pampering is not just good for your body it also promotes uplifting of your mood. All these can be done in the comfort of your home. Who said pampering has to be expensive?  

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Everyday life is bombarded with varieties of to-do lists, may it be things to be done at home or at work, sure that everyone goes through these phases in their lives. Admit it or not, your busy schedules tend to make you lose your personal balance at some point in your lives.

 Balance is referred to as the means of making sure that things that make you feel happy are fulfilled such as working and getting paid, having fun, spending time with the people that matter, and being physically active.

A personal balance is a matter that you should not set aside as it is not only essential to someone’s happiness and well-being it also holds a tremendous boost on one’s productivity and self-esteem. The question here now is, what is your perception of personal balance? Is it having to accomplish your work-related tasks on weekdays and spend time with your family over the weekends? One’s perception of personal balance varies from one person to another. Based on the definition given, so long as things are making you happy and fulfilled.

If you are that someone who struggles to find a way to recalibrate your life and badly wanting to get back some control over it. There are few steps that you can take in order to do so.  Take a note of the golden rule that, things have to be done all at once. A small adjustment would make a big impact over time.

The elements in your life that required balance are subdivided into two categories: (1) internal and (2) external factors.

Internal factors pertain to what is going on with your body – this includes your mind, heart, and your health as a whole. On the other hand, external factors include your work, family, and fun. Both ends of the spectrum contribute a positive effect in finding your personal balance.

Listed below are ways by which you can find personal balance.

Acknowledge areas in your life that are being neglected

The first step by which you can regain your personal balance is to take a look at your life, your current state of mind, and the thoughts and feelings you currently feel.  Are you spending enough time with your loved ones? Do you have any activities that you look forward to giving a try? When was the last time you treat yourself to an all-out pampering? Those were just some of the questions that you may ask yourself in reevaluating where to begin within working on your personal balance.

Start setting boundaries

The thing is, your well-being is as important as your manager’s deadline.  A big part of finding balance and setting priorities is learning the art of saying no. Work-life balance means having to learn the skill of saying no. Taking another obligation when you really have no energy for it is somehow draining and may affect your personal balance. It is called assertiveness, this means being honest about your own feelings and needs while respecting others at the same time. Be clear about expectations around work in off-hours.

Prioritize your health

The importance that health is something that is not new to you. Yet, some fail to do it.

Our health affects all areas of our lives. As early as now, be sure that you are going the extra mile in taking care of it. This includes a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, being always on the go with physical activities, and regular health consultation. You are more efficient in doing something when your health is in a good state.

An alone time could also help

When was the last time that you had a good stroll around nature all by yourself? Take a walk and pay attention to what is happening around you. You might have been glued up to your personal computers for quite some time that you even forget to appreciate the beauty that nature holds or even get to know some current events. Allow yourself to be present at the given point in time for a moment. Have a walk, take yourself on a date – a little pampering sounds like the best plan.  Leave the things that you have been doing in a routine manner. There is more to your life than beating the deadlines every now and then.

Social media break

In such a modern time such as this – staying away from the phone is quite a challenge. But social media nowadays is creating more harm than good. That is why it is advisable that you allow yourself to breathe from all the unnecessary information social media have been bombarding you with. Create boundaries on putting away your phone at a certain time each day or better allocate a phone-free day every once in a while. Instead, spend time with the people that matter to you, find new hobbies, or enroll yourself in some classes. Spend time wisely by investing in things that would bring you good.

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Our daily lives are bombarded with varieties of life stressors – may it be coming from your work, at home, or your personal relationships. Sure that everyone goes through stress at some point in their lives and we do have different coping mechanisms when things about this matter are being discussed.

But we’ve got you covered!  There is one proven solution to your concern – meditation. Meditation is believed to be originated in India several thousand years ago. Stress-relieving meditation practices not only clear your mind but also makes your skin glow inside out. It is undeniably without doubt stress has its way of making it visible to your personal appearance and it somehow affects how you deal with others.  But let’s put an end to your concern and let us introduce you to how well meditation could help you handle stress like a pro.

Aside from getting a healthier body and a clearer mind, meditation can also improve your focus on life, such as making a positive decision to make your life better and increasing self-awareness. Regular meditation can increase your patience, tolerance, and handling stress towards stressful situations.

Check on the following meditation techniques that could help you ace handling varieties of life stressors.

Focused Attention – The term itself spoke for what method it portrays, focused attention as a cognitive skill is described as the brain’s ability to concentrate on a target stimulus for a given span of time. This method is considered to be a straightforward technique in meditation. It is the process where breath serves as the primary object to focus attention, anchor the mind, and maintain a certain level of awareness. The moment your mind starts to wander? Breathe. Breathe in, and release. Clear your minds until there are no thoughts.

Body Scan – While we most commonly associate stress with mental and emotional symptoms. Stress can also show off in physical symptoms such as headache, back pain, and even heartburn. Some of you would agree that they’ve experienced these stress-related ailments during their tough times. It can be inferred that our emotional state is related to our physical discomfort and this is where the help of body scan meditation comes in as it allows you to check-in with your bodies. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Notice how your body feels as you do this process. Notice areas of comfort and discomfort. Regular body scan meditation is helpful when you are dealing with stress as it allows you to train your mind to respond more effectively to stress. Allowing you to learn to diminish the power of stress over you.

Nothing –It is one of the techniques that would pretty much help you in training your mind. This meditation technique is named by meditation teacher Shinzen Young. From the term itself, this technique involves “Do Nothing”. The process involves in this technique involves sitting down and do nothing.  Your mind, on the course, may wander and go on all sorts of distractions. That is pretty normal. The goal of this technique is to allow you to notice your feeling when doing something and learn freely to let go of it. Keep relaxing away from the tightening, constriction, or the sense that you are doing anything.

Visualization –  Visualization is a mindful technique as it owns as it allows you to focus on something specific and hold it to your mind. Breathe, on this technique is being replaced by a mental image as the main object of focus. The visualization technique in meditation allows you not only to observe your mind but also focus on any physical sensations.  It has the power to teach and heal – a useful method allowing the mind to influence the body.

Loving Kindness – Also called meditation for compassion. A process where you bring to mind images of different people – people you know and people who you do not know, people you like and people you do not like. The goal is to be able to extend kind thoughts and positive energy to yourself and be able to extend it to others. Having said that, focusing on their happiness allows you to let go of any unhappiness you are feeling.

Skillful Compassion – This technique is very much similar to the loving-kindness technique whereas, this process allows you to give your mind to think of someone you care about already – one that is good to you or perhaps inspires you. This compassion method involves silently repeating certain phrases that express the intention to move from judgment to caring, and from indifference to liking. Opening your hearts and minds to the welfare of other people can foster a feeling of happiness in your own mind.

Resting awareness – During the course of reading some possible meditation techniques, you might have with you your favorite that you’ve been keeping an eye on and you may perhaps look forward to doing already. This one may be one of your favorite. An easy go-to meditation technique. From the term itself, it evokes the idea of simply resting in awareness of life. This allows you to let your mind truly rest without feeling the need to do anything.  For a moment, let go of some of your human doing and allow yourself to be simply a human being.

Reflection – This technique is most probably advisable to those who tend to be anxious at times. Stop dwelling on the past and romanticizing about the future. Be present. This technique allows you mindfully focus on the present. Allowing yourself to develop a mindful brain helps you remain grounded in the present moment. This meditation technique is beneficial as it allows you to be certain of your strengths and priorities as it prompts you to question some of your beliefs. A self-reflection in combating stress is important as it allows you to identify areas where you blossomed or deviated thereby allowing you to focus on your strengths.

Sure stress is mostly part of each one’s day-to-day life. Handling it varies from one person to another. Give yourself some quiet time. Allow your mind and body to be aligned and explore what meditation technique works well with you. Make your well-being your topmost priority especially during such as time as this.

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I guess lots of you would agree that you used to take naps for granted when you are in your younger years. Don’t feel guilty about it because everyone went through it.

As an adult working 8 hours a day 5 days a week, a nap is something that most of us look forward to and loves to indulge ourselves with. You do not need to feel guilty anymore about taking your naps. Naps do not necessarily imply slacking off. Your increase drowsiness in the afternoon is pretty much normal. And your best way to combat it? A power nap! Nap is specifically defined as sleeping lightly or briefly, especially during the day. From the term itself, light. But little did you know that this small nap actually brings big benefits to your well-being. So the next time you feel guilty about power napping. Take into consideration the benefits it could bring, okay?

Research suggests that a nap could make you more alert, reduces stress, and improves your cognitive functioning. Hmm, this is primarily true as you feel more recharged when you have your naps taken. A mid-day sleep, according to the experts means less stress, better reaction time, more efficiency, and increased learning. The goal of a nap is to give your body a chance to recharge. Napping for too long can leave you feeling groggy for up to an hour. This period of drowsiness is called, sleep inertia.

The goal is not to experience the feeling of drowsiness. The nap length is one of the biggest factors to consider in taking a nap. According to the experts, 30 minutes nap is considered an ideal length and is most commonly called a “power nap” as it provides recovery benefits without leaving you sleepy afterward.

The next time you feel guilty about indulging yourself with napping, take into consideration the following benefits of a power nap to your well-being.

Power naps could improve your memory

Experts agreed that napping is a good thing but has to be taken in the context of the person’s sleep cycle and body. Studies have shown that sleep plays a vital role in storing memories. Scientists from John Hopkins Medicine concluded that people who napped for about 30 minutes –90 minutes portray a good word recall. A significant implication of good memory. Not only does just napping helps improve your memory, but it also allows you to make connecting dots easier in such a way that it potentially helps your brain draw connections between things you find out.

Power naps could lift up your mood

Studies show that people who are deprived of periods of sleep shows increased negative moods such as anger, irritation, and frustration. This actually holds true especially in the moments when you feel grumpy when your sleep was interrupted.  The next time you feel some overwhelming sleepiness in the midday why don’t you consider a power nap instead of clamoring for that cup of coffee? Trying to take a nap in lifting up the vibe. Experts agreed that relaxation that comes from simply lying down and resting is a great mood booster. Research also suggests that napping helps improve your control over your emotional state which includes your better able to handle frustrations and reduced tendency to be impulsive at times.

Power naps boost one’s creativity

Another interesting benefit that you gained from napping is that it enhances one’s creativity. Research conducted at a University in California led by experts exploring positive benefits of napping found out that napping enhances creative-problem solving whereas, it fosters the formation of associative networks in the brain to make a new and useful associations between unrelated ideas. A short nap could elevate activity in the brain’s right hemisphere – the area of the brain that runs creativity and insight.

Power naps improve physical performance

Not only nap benefits your mental well-being it also provides a boost to your physical performance. If you are into sports, you might as well have recognized the pivotal role that napping could do in improving your physical performance.  A nap opportunity during the daytime affects performance and is believed to shown improvement in motor performance and accuracy. Studies have reported that a short afternoon nap in the afternoon improved endurance performance in runners who had obtained 7 hours of nighttime sleep. In addition to that, the study specifically subjected to military training showed that a 30-mins nap may lessen physical performance reduction caused short term multi-stressors in the training.

Power naps preserve the physical appearance

Sleep as we all know plays a vital role in keeping you – not just your skin but your entire well-being in good shape. Jumpstart your skin’s healing process by catching up on sleep.  It is advised to have at least 8-9 hours of sleep.  Note that your sleeping hours are when your skin repairs itself and replenishes its moisture. Thus, implies that it is one of a most important factor in order for your skin to be able to repair its moisture barrier. Studies found out that, poor sleeping pattern affects skin aging and skin’s barrier function. To add up on this matter, naps that help supplement the daily sleep amounts without having to interfere with your nighttime rest can help you look young, healthy, and full of vigor.

Thinking of the best time to do your catnap?

Research suggests that the best time for an older adult to take nap is between 1 PM – 4 PM. Ideally, it should be 20-40 minutes long to avoid a groggy feeling after you wake up. This is based on the recommendation of the Medical Director in Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorder Center.

Now is perhaps the best time you swear by on an afternoon nap. Working from home during the surge of Pandemic may now afford you an opportunity of giving napping a try.

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