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Looking for an oil that would best suit to address your skin concerns? Meet Frankincense oil and get to know why this deserves to be called the “liquid gold” skincare ingredient your skin probably needs. The said ingredient has long been used since ancient times – a ceremonial staple in Ayurveda, one of Chinese traditional medicine, and is believed to be one of the gifts presented by one of the Three wise men for the birth of Jesus as cited in the bible. But apart from what is mentioned, what gives this oil a spot in a skincare space? 

Frankincense oil is derived from the sap of the Boswellia tree that mainly grows in Northeast Africa and India. The oil could be obtained by steam distillation of the dried sap extracted from the said tree. Having said all these, monoterpenes (responsible for the antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties) composition contained in the oil work best in addressing your skin concerns. Among those are, alpha and beta-pinene which are famous for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Alpha-Tujene, and Limonene adds up to their scent. All of these works in harmony to deliver a rejuvenating effect on the skin when applied topically. Excited to get to know more about what frankincense oil is good for? Sit back and relax as beautiful news is coming your way! Check out these frankincense essential oil benefits for the skin. 


Frankincense essential oil in dealing with your oily and acne concerns 

Frankincense essential oil is believed to inhibit natural astringent properties. It balances the skin’s oil production while tightening skin. Studies have shown that Frankincense essential oil exhibits anti-inflammatory properties vital in combatting bacteria causing acne and also have been proven to exhibit an ability to help remodel tissues on the skin thereby making it most commonly incorporated as part of the skincare ingredient primarily intended for acne medication, combating aging skin, and treating hyperpigmentation. 


Frankincense essential oil for younger-looking skin 

The Queen of Nile, Cleopatra won’t love this essential oil for nothing. The beauty that Cleopatra portrays has been one of a kind that her beauty practices have been passed on and known up until today. Frankincense essential oil is said to be an anti-aging powerhouse, all credits to its cytophylactic properties as it helps in cell regeneration and protects older cells from the damages caused by the free radicals. Revealing a younger-looking skin. 


Frankincense essential oil helps speed up the wound healing process 

Old scars, dark spots, and stretch marks benefit most from the wonders that this essential oil could deliver. Frankincense essential oil’s monoterpenes content exhibits both antibacterial and antiseptic properties thereby making it your go-to skincare ingredient in dealing with traces of acne, scars, and even stretch marks. 


Frankincense essential oil in promoting overall skin health 

With all the aforementioned skin-loving benefits this oil has to offer. You might have come to a realization of why it has been commonly incorporated in beauty routines since ancient times. The combined antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties that this oil has to offer to contribute a lot in helping the skin heal from any cellular damage, reduce damages caused by inflammation, and promote healthy cellular turnover by negating the effects of free radicals thereby resulting in healthier, glowing skin. 


Truly, this liquid gold speaks a lot for itself. Being a beauty and well-being brand, we’d love to give you the most out of this. Apart from the beauty benefits, this oil has to offer. Turns out, this golden oil has a lot to do with your well-being as well. 


Frankincense essential oil in relieving stress

Frankincense essential oil when used in aromatherapy can help soothe anxiety and relieve negative feelings. An essential oil that you could make use of in bringing back balance to your mood.

There is indeed a lot of reasons to love frankincense essential oil, one of the wise men sure has a good reason why he chose it as a gift. What re your thoughts about this then? 

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