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Our Commitment 

“How do we measure our growth? By how much we can help! We pursue something meaningful that makes a difference in the world.”

– Almaz Andezion – 



You can make a difference, just with one click. Become part of a positive impact movement and turn everyday products into tools that repair the damage in our universe. With every purchase you make, we plant one tree. All trees you plant will be reflected in your account and you can track where the trees were planted, what kind of trees were planted, and how those trees impact that specific country.  ‎  

The principle is basically very simple.
For every sold item, we will give €5 to our partner organization B´N´Tree. B´N´Tree is a globally active and climate-friendly organization. Several times a year, B´N´Tree carries out professional plantings of regional tree species at more than 20 locations worldwide.

You can make a difference, just with one click.

Take Action! Help reforest the planet & fight climate change for a more sustainable future.


B&A Cosmetics cooperates closely with a sheltered workshop and regularly places production orders there.

They provide people with disabilities a training and job and the opportunity to participate in professional life. The social services ensure extensive support and continuous education through specific individual promotions, which should promote personality and independent action. We are convinced that being honest, and reliable and taking responsibilities will never go out of fashion, and that satisfied people are our best ambassadors.

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