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Happy Girls are the Prettiest”, they say. Chances are, you’ve heard some people complimenting your glow when you feel like you are walking on a cloud 9. Now the question is, can your mood really affect your skin? Contemplate things out and think of when the last time that you felt a little bit scared, your skin reaction then? Did it get pale? How about when you felt embarrassed? Did it blush? .. and last but definitely not least, as we are pretty sure you have had this experience when things start to get overwhelming and are stressing you out, did you get breakouts?

Thus, goes to show that, our skin is a huge indicator of how we’re feeling. While negative emotions can add up to skin damage. Read more: Stress and skin: How are they related to each other? 

But right now, let us try to focus on the beautiful side and how you can achieve and maintain happiness that contributes to healthy glowing skin. Happiness releases all what they so-called the “feel good hormones” namely, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin. These hormones help the blood circulate well which in turn helps the oxygen to pass throughout the body efficiently. Your skin tends to develop a happy glow when it receives well distributed oxygen and nutrients.

Now, having said all these? Excited to take a positive approach to life and welcome a healthy glowing skin just by engaging with positive vibes and thoughts? Here are some mindful habits to establish and as well as some skincare habits to keep in mind to keep your skin as happy as possible. Buckle up as good things are coming your way:


Stress-relieving meditation practices clear your mind and make your skin glow inside out. Aside from getting a healthier body and a clearer mind, meditation can also improve your focus on life, such as making positive decisions to make your life better and increasing self-awareness.

This research have shown that technique like meditation possesses real benefit for people suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Maintain Happiness by pursuing a healthier and more active lifestyle

Eat well. Live Well. You are technically what you eat and your skin has its ways of showing it. Stay hydrated and consider H20 as your skin friend. On top of all these? Sweat it out!  Exercising helps pump up your endorphins, in the essence, endorphins talk to your skin. This research states that human skin cells have endorphin receptors that offer loads of benefits for glowing skin.

Document your life

You can never go wrong with journaling. This may sound outdated because of all the modern technologies. But seriously, put it on paper. Write down your thoughts, your plans, and your goals – document everything. There is no right or wrong way in journaling – you can be as creative as you are in expressing your thoughts.

Studies have found that journaling plays a great role in improving your well-being – not only your minds benefit from it but your physical health too. In some counseling practices, they incorporated journaling as part of therapy. And the result? Clients have experienced a reduction in anxiety and depression. Live a happier life by expressing your emotions.

As such, while all these practices adds up to healthy glowing skin. Your skincare habits have direct impact on your skin condition as well. To continue keeping your skin as happy as possible. It is important to always be mindful of your skincare habits such as:

Using the correct product for your skin type

Beauty starts with healthy skin, and it can only be achievable when you understand the needs of your skin by heart. Still quite unsure about your skin type? Make your skin happy by reading: Skin type: How can I figure it out? 

Never forget the basics of skincare

Residues left on your skin if you don’t cleanse thoroughly can turn into build-ups and bacteria on the surface of the skin, dull, uneven skin tone and texture that may lead to blemishes. Don’t do half a job: Cleanse well to avoid having unhappy And always remember the skin care’s golden rule – never, ever sleep with your makeup on!

A hygienic routine

Sharing makeup brushes, sharing towels with others, and not washing your hands properly can all be the reason for cross infection on your skin. These habits can make your skin unhappy. Ensure you’ve got these hygiene basics down before complaining about breakouts and other skin issues later on.

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