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Is it Friday already?  Yaay! Hooray for Friyay! You just survived another work week. There may be a lot of stressors that your skin has been through over the past few days. Well then, keep in mind that stress should not sit in your skin. Do not let any signs of it go visible to the naked eye. How about the thought of going the extra mile in pampering your skin this upcoming weekend? The idea sounds good, right? On top of your plan of binge-watching your favorite Netflix series why then add up a bit of pampering over the weekend? We have prepared some useful tips and practices that are as easy as 1-2-3 that you might want to consider doing in doing so order to repair your skin’s moisture barrier and get that healthy, hydrated skin your skin deserves!


Let’s get you started

May you start the weekend with no hangover at all. Of course, committing to intensive skincare means getting rid of your unnecessary late Friday night hobbies. Go easy on the booze, catch up on sleep.  Jumpstart your skin’s healing process by catching up on sleep.  It is advised to have at least 8-9 hours of sleep.  Note that your sleeping hours are when your skin repairs itself and replenishes its moisture. Thus, implies that it is one of the most important factors in order for your skin to be able to repair its moisture barrier.


Head on to a productive weekend

First off, note that you are the human version of watermelon. We’ve been saying countless times that plenty of water intake is essential in achieving that healthy glowing skin. The more moisture you give your body from the inside. The better your skin productive barrier works. Not only does it do good for your skin but for your overall well-being.

Start your day by cleaning up all your bed sheet essentials. Start off with changing your bed sheet and pillows. This might be the best time to start switching off to silk pillowcases – as this is considered to be gentler to your skin than cotton. Silk creates less friction and helps prevent abrasion of the skin. Do you think this is the best time to hoard on some sleeping essentials?

It is essential that you set time to pamper yourself every weekend. Me-time is essential as it boosts your self-esteem.  We bet you would pretty much agree that nothing beats confidence when you feel good about yourself. Be good you your mind, body, skin, and overall well-being. Let us get you started with your all-out skin-pampering during your much-awaited weekend. No work-related phone calls and emails to be entertained, okay?


Setting a more relaxing environment as compared to your usual work environment is the key to a more pampering and relaxing weekend. This can be done by making sure that your space is extra clean and is free from any other distractions. Incorporate some of these tips and practices in setting up the tone for your relaxing weekend.

1.1 Add up a touch of candles – Candles in a form of a relaxing scent bring some comforting vibes. This scent, in most cases, could also bring you the feel of a relaxing environment like a spa. While there are plenty of available scents out there. Let us get you started with using candles with lavender and chamomile scent as these scents are believed to help set a calming mood. Fill your space with a candle glow.

1.2 Listen to relaxing music – Did you know that there are various studies conducted on how listening to music can reinforce one’s mood.  It was concluded that music is a valid therapy to potentially improve mood. In addition to setting the tone why not add up spa music. Hurry open your Spotify now and check on some spa music-related playlists.

1.3 Have some treats – A day of pampering would not be complete without you sipping a tea. Grab some peppermint tea and prepare some finger foods that won’t consume much of your time to prepare. Why not wear your favorite robe as well to complete the theme?



After having to set up the mood for your me-time. Time to eliminate the dead skin cells that accumulate in your skin. Exfoliation is vital and is highly advisable to be done on a weekly basis as it helps your skin look and feel smoother and thus reduces the likelihood of clogged pores. But wait! Whenever you heard the advice that your skin needs extra exfoliation the first thing, perhaps that comes into your mind is –scrubs. However, professionals believed that scrubs may potentially cause micro-tears in the skin. Of course, scrubs do work says the experts, but they need to be handled gently. That is why experts are shifting to a safer way to do the process of exfoliation – through chemical exfoliation. Chemical may sound harsh on your endpoint but let us try to reap off and unleash what it actually does for the skin and the experts stand about it. In looking for chemical exfoliants there are couple of types to look out for, let us start off with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) These are actually derived from natural substances and are said to be ideal for exfoliating dry skin and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) are oil-soluble by nature. Thus allowing it to reach deeper into the skin and pores. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.



Well, a weekly pamper routine would not be complete without having to incorporate masks. This time we are making sure that you are not only doing it for your skin, yep we included some DIY masks for your hair too. Yay!

Prep up your Hair Mask – Do some wonders to your dry summertime hair. Your hair mask could be prep up as easily as 1-2-3 just mix an equal amount of coconut oil, castor oil, and avocado oil in a bowl. Mix well and apply liberally from the middle to the end of your dry hair. Leave it alone. You may use a shower cap or simply twist your hair in a knot.

Facial Mask – You may already have with you your go-to facial mask. The rise of the Korean skincare routine really educated everyone of having to incorporate it in their respective beauty routines. Your need for a facial mask depends on the skin type that you have. There are plenty of available facial masks over-the-counter. Clay and charcoal masks are advisable to those who have oily to combination skin as it helps absorbs excess oil from your skin’s surface. Brightening masks are ideal for those with dry and dull skin. Check on the ingredients if there are Vitamin C and Niacinamide as this helps improve uneven skin tone leaving your skin glowing. Or you may as well opt to DIY facial masks whichever you prefer.



Time to wash off your hair mask after leaving it on for a while. The time now for the most important part of your weekly pamper routine. Relax! Give yourself some warm bubble bath while listening to your favorite podcasts or just simply being present at the moment. Make the most out of your relaxing bath by adding up some bath salt, bath bombs, and bath sachets as an added moisture to your skin.


Go over your spot and body treatments. An all-out pampering it is. Treat your overall body with your favorite body cream after that relaxing warm bubble bath. Do it as soon as you get out of the shower so that your skin could easily absorb those products. After those exfoliations you’ve done, restore moisture by applying some serums, facial oils, moisturizer, and your go-to eye cream.


After having all these laid down to you. The last step we could probably advise for you to do then is to Get started with it. Make it a habit to prioritize your overall well-being. Pampering is not just good for your body it also promotes uplifting of your mood. All these can be done in the comfort of your home. Who said pampering has to be expensive?  

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