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Trending Beauty Topics after Pandemic

The most uncertain time opens up to new skin care concerns, Maskne being one of the most talked of the town concerns by both men and women – enough of a thing that the COVID 19 task force of the American Academy of Dermatology (A.A.D) felt obliged to release advice on the said matter. What could have been concluded from this matter is that, no matter what circumstances and time of the year we are in, beauty concerns always comes top of the line. That is why skin care and beauty trends is never stagnant and is always emerging. Let us all take a look at industry expert’s predictions for the beauty trends and topics that is expected to take the center stage even after the surge of this pandemic – here we go!

1. More demand of beauty tools in the market

Who would have thought that this quarantine would further enhance and change our beauty product buying patterns? Beauty customers indeed change their buying habits amid quarantine limitations in order to mimic the salon experience at home. From study conducted by SPATE – Data Science for Trends, There are four beauty tools that emerged during the pandemic mainly (1) at home beauty tools, (2) purple hair care products, (3) serums and (4) blue light-blocking skin care. At home beauty tools with skin care fridge having 203% sales growth followed by facial steamer with 70% sales growth as of June 2020. Home care will continue to surge. The emergence of these beauty tools gives beauty enthusiast cheaper maintenance options. Thus, could imply that this shift in beauty preference will continue to prosper even when lifestyle shifts back to normal.




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2. Blue light protection

If you’re like most people, sure you’ll pretty much agree that it is your smart phone that you checks first in the morning and the last thing you check before you sleep. – We bet you’re guilty! All credit to the pandemic, just about everything in our lives has turned digital –so is our consciousness about the effect of blue light arises. With that in mind, sales for cosmetic products that claims to be effective in combating the effects of blue light technology continues to surge and is expected to prosper even during the post-pandemic period, mainly because of the widespread knowledge consumers are gaining about the harmful effects of blue light on skin.

3. Maskne related products

Given this most uncertain time where everyone is still clueless as to when life would shift back to normal comes the most talked of the town skin care concern – maskne, there are no exception to this skin care concern. Both men and women are experiencing this. Ditching your mask can never be a good option. Face coverings are bound to be normalized even on post-lockdown thus making your skin vulnerable and still prone to skin irritation. With this in mind comes the continuous development of varieties of skin care products from soothing face sprays to face masks with zinc oxide to face masks made to alleviate the symptoms of wearing mask all these are made possible with continuous product development specifically intended to address varieties of skin care needs.

4. Skinimalism

One pandemic and booom, no makeup makeup is back in the center stage. According to Pinterest report, users search for getting glowing skin naturally continues to grow year over year. Does this mean that people are on the move to go away in a digital age where photo retouching in order to portray “perfect skin” are very rampant. Pandemic may have opened our eyes to shy away from those unrealistic beauty standards and truly embrace the beauty of being natural. Consumer are on the way to forfeiting complicated make up routine and is on the look for skin care products that could further enhance natural beauty.

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