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Wrapping up 2021, every one of you would agree that you have with you your realizations and resolutions. Classic as it is, this has long been the thing that we look forward to doing as we welcome another year. 

The surge of the pandemic truly has opened us to new ways of pampering ourselves, this has proven true that self-care has long been the priority of each and every one of us. As such, what new beauty practices have you tried with you as you embrace your stay-at-home game? What certain beauty realizations do you have then? 

In dealing with your skin, it is important to note that understanding your skin type is the foundation to reaping off all the certain beauty benefits that skincare products offer. With the beauty recommendations from your favorite beauty vloggers, TikTok influencers, or any other beauty gurus that you’re fond of watching, your self-care, skincare journey was made more meaningful and fun. 2021 has truly been a year of coping up with the changes while prioritizing yourself more than ever. Tap on your shoulder, Queens as you are on the right track! 

Excited to welcome another year more confidently beautiful? We’ve got you covered with the following terrific beauty trends you all should watch out for as we welcome another year! 

Check on the 6 terrific trends that are just waiting for you to add to your beauty regimen this 2022. 

The continuous rise of beauty devices 

The global pandemic has paved the way for the development of beauty devices due to the restrictions imposed. Emerged in the year 2021 and could see continuous demand and growth in the year 2022.  As a beauty enthusiast, you sure have with you your favorite already. Would you love to share it with us then? (1) Facial steams, (2) blue-light related products, (3) red light therapy, and (4) are just some of the products that made it to the list. How excited are you then to incorporate it into your usual beauty routine? 


2021 is the year of less is more. Less makeup, more skincare. Skinimalism has truly taken a spot in the beauty industry as beauty enthusiasts continue to embrace the skin they are and establish healthy skincare habits. In line with this, beauty enthusiasts are getting wiser in terms of dealing with skincare products, with information readily available in the blink of an eye – abrupt buying behavior is avoided by many. They are now in search of multi-use products – those products that function at their best. Considering which steps are necessary and which are not so much. There is no need to go all out to have a ten-step skincare routine if your skin needs a few good effective products to be in good shape.  Buying less, wearing less, and using less but still reaping all the benefits. Are you ready then to spend more wisely this 2022?

Fermented skincare products 

You must have heard the term all-natural all the time as beauty enthusiasts are shifting to looking for a product that has undergone a natural process. As such, comes the term fermented ingredients. In fact, fermented ingredients in relation to skincare offer a handful of anti-aging benefits as published in this study dated 2020. Fermented skincare products are making a noise in today’s beauty industry. Experts agreed that fermented ingredients are popular as it uses a natural process to enhance potency and penetration without having to irritate the skin. 

The good thing is, take pride that our product offerings are fermented cosmetics. Normally, your skin cannot easily absorb the actives of natural ingredients. But all thanks to the process of fermentation, where it helps microorganisms break down the molecules into smaller sizes, so your skin can easily absorb the skin benefitting ingredients. Because at the end of the day, that’s what we, at B&A Cosmetics, want you to have is – the best of the best ingredients. 

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The demand for skincare products with blue light protection 

Blue light is a constant companion to many; may it be your televisions where you binge-watch your favorite Netflix movies or your laptops where you conduct all your zoom meetings and have all your work done or the mobile device that you can’t help but check every now and then. Blue light exposure is part of our everyday routine. 

According to Renee Rouleau, aesthetician and skincare expert, the best skincare ingredient to prevent blue-light damage from your phone is antioxidants. Because we care for your skin as much as you do, we at Before and After Cosmetics take pride in our products that contain antioxidants such as Vitamin A and C as our main ingredient – not to mention that all our products are infused with a natural mineral such as gold.

Vitamin A can penetrate deeply into the skin where it stimulates collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You all know that when we talk about antioxidants, Vitamin C will always and in all ways be the crowd favorite! Yup and we got your back, Queens! 


Sustainable products 

The impact of the demand for sustainability has long been felt since beauty enthusiasts are shifting more to eco-friendly, all-natural skincare products. Studies have even concluded that consumers are getting more and more conscious of the products that they are using and are willing to pay an extra amount for a product that promotes sustainable development. 

Apart from providing you with skincare products that work, did you know that B&A is also committed to giving back to its community and environment? Our One-Click One Tree campaign is one of our movements in line with our commitment to the environment whereas, €5 of the proceeds of each sale is to be donated to our partner organization with the prime purpose of tree planting activities. 

Learn more by visiting us at: B&A Cares 


Skincare brands boasting transparency in terms of their ingredients and formulation continue to gain popularity. Of course, consumers have the right to know what goes into their skin. As such, over the years, B&A strives to be more than just a beauty brand. In the year 2021, we have expanded our product lines from beauty to well-being products as well. We love making your personal well-being, your happiness, and your life more beautiful with your products. Our vegan skincare, Tonic, and Candles are meant to touch your soul, uplift your body and mind. We are passionate about indulging your senses with the finest ingredients. Mother nature is our source of inspiration. That’s why we travel the world to find local farms that grow and harvest their herbs and flowers with the utmost care. 

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